Full English breakfast makes Brits look more attractive, French university study suggests

Move over Chris Hemsworth... you don't have the diet to compete with us chubby Brits.
Nothing beats a classic full English breakfast.Nothing beats a classic full English breakfast.
Nothing beats a classic full English breakfast.

Scoffing a full English breakfast makes men more attractive to women, suggests a new scientific study.

But a continental brekkie of refined-carbohydrate foods - such as croissants, waffles, pancakes, pastries, muffins and certain cereals - are a turn-off, say French scientists. The researchers found that breakfasts resulting in an increase in attractiveness to members of the opposite sex comprised mainly fats and proteins - such as dairy and meat - with few refined carbs.

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They also found that men who snack in the afternoon on high glycaemic load snacks - such as a bag of chips or sweetened dairy products like fruit yoghurts - "may appear more attractive" due to the immediate glucose boost. However, for women, high glycaemic load snacks in the afternoon may lead to a negative effect on attractiveness - possibly due to an older appearance linked to hyperglycaemia's ageing effects on the skin.

The French team found that "acute" and "chronic" consumption of high-glycaemic food was associated with lower attractiveness ratings, independent of factors such as body mass index (BMI) and age. The participants’ levels of consumption of refined carbs were statistically linked with their facial attractiveness as rated by heterosexual volunteers of the opposite sex.

The University of Montpellier researchers explained that the Western diet consists of high levels of refined carbs - foods processed in ways that typically remove much of their nutritional value - such as white flour, table sugar, and ingredients in many packaged snacks. Prior studies have linked increased consumption of refined carbs with adverse health effects including obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

Preliminary evidence has suggested that eating high levels of refined carbs might also affect non-medical traits, such as a person’s attractiveness.

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Research engineer Claire Berticat said: "We were initially intrigued by the profound impact of our food choices on our physiology. While the effects of refined carbohydrates on certain hormones are well-documented, it is less known that sex hormones can also be affected.

"Certain traits, such as facial attractiveness, are influenced by sex hormones. Thus the possibility of uncovering a previously unexplored connection between refined carbohydrate consumption and attractiveness was highly appealing.

"In our experiment, breakfast resulting in an increase in attractiveness comprised mainly fats and proteins - such as dairy - with few refined carbohydrates. Afternoon snacking fulfils a real food need for many. It leads to a drop in plasma glucose and insulin levels, motivating eating.

"Men consuming high glycemic load snacks during this time may appear more attractive due to the immediate glucose boost."

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