Bonfire night: seven alternative things you can do with family without fireworks, including food and films

There are alternative ways to celebrate 5 November with your family - here are some of the best for people of all ages

Fireworks have become synonymous with bonfire night, but setting off fireworks in the back garden or going to watch an organised firework display isn’t the only way to celebrate the ocassion. Fireworks aren’t appropriate for everyone; they can startle pets and also upset little ones because of the loud noises they make - and they are expensive. In addition, not everybody has outdoor space to be able to have their own fireworks display.

So, if fireworks aren’t the right thing for you and your family, take a look at our seven suggestions below for alternative - and budget friendly - ways that you can all enjoy bonfire night. If you would still like a little bit of sparkle, without the big bangs, then take a look at our guide of the best places to buy sparklers too.

We know that, no matter what you do in your own home, the chances are you will hear fireworks on the night of 5 November, but this is how to calm your pet down if they become upset on bonfire night.

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