Lapland UK 2022: tickets, prices, tour dates, how to book holiday, address - where is magical Christmas venue?

With the countdown to Christmas officially on, what better way to get into the festive spirit than with a trip to see Santa?

For parents looking to do something very special for their kids at Christmas, Lapland UK provides a personalised and interactive experience that will see them travel through an Enchanted Forest, build toys in Santa’s elves workshop and even have a meeting with Old Saint Nick himself.

This is everything you need to know.

What is Lapland UK?

Lapland UK describes itself as “an immersive theatrical experience” which will introduce you and your family to an ancient civilisation through the magical world of storytelling which “fuses the spectacle of a film set with the performance of theatre, all experience within the intimacy of your own family”.

The story says that due to an upsurge in human kindness, Santa’s elves have made too many toys to make and need help finishing their workload in time for Christmas. Because of this, Father Christmas has decided to invite the very best “Small Folk” to journey to Lapland and help the elves with making toys.

The elves need your help to make the toys before Christmas day (Photo: Lapland UK)

You’ll receive a personalised invitation from Santa which has been sealed with wax and housed in a beautiful presentation box which requests the help of your child.

You and your family will travel through the Enchanted Forest, with Woodland elves granting your child a special elven passport which allows you to travel through the magical elven pathways.

Eventually, you’ll be greeted by toy factory elves Whittle, Conker and Wish, who will welcome you and your family into their workshop. To say thanks for your child’s help, each one will be granted the award of becoming Honorary Elves by the Elf Council.

Conker the elf (Photo: Lapland UK)

You’ll also visit Mother Christmas’ kitchen where your child will be welcomed to help decorate gingerbread for Father Christmas. Journeying through the Elven Village and your child will get to send a letter to Father Christmas from Elva’s Post Office, ice-skate on the frozen pond, meet the huskies and enjoy food and drink from Pumpernickle’s restaurant and Pixie Mixie’s sweetshop.

Finally, to end your magical journey, you’ll get to meet the man himself - Father Christmas. You’ll enjoy a private audience with Santa in his wood-cabin home, passing his magical sleigh and reindeer and you draw near.

Amazed with the help that your child has offered his elves, Father Christmas will present them with a special golden bell that is reserved for only his very best elves, as well as a soft husky puppy toy from his Husky Hero sled team to take home.

You and your children will get to have a private audience with Santa at the end of your tour (Photo: Lapland UK)

Finally, on Christmas morning, you’ll receive a card from Father Christmas thanking them for their help and for saving Christmas, as well as the toy that they helped the elves make on their visit.

All in all, the Lapland visit lasts for approximately three and a half hours. The first 90 minutes of the tour are scripted, interactive sessions in the Enchanted Forest, Toy Factory and Mother Christmas’ Kitchen, and the final 90 minutes are in the Elven Village before your personalised audience with Father Christmas.

Can I get tickets?

Tickets aren’t available to buy quite yet - the Lapand UK website says that that the booking portal is “coming soon” and that “the elves are making some changes to make sure the website remains elftastic”.

The website doesn’t state when the booking portal will be back online, so you’ll just need to check back at the website.

You and your family will journey through secret pathways and magical villages on the tour (Photo: Lapland UK)

Previously, all tickets were priced the same for children and adults, and complimentary infant tickets available for babies under 12 months old. All bookings had a strict limit of eight people per group, and require a minimum of one adult and one child ticket.

Prices were previously listed from on the dates below and can change depending on tour time. Tickets are also strictly non-refundable or transferable.

These are the dates and what the prices for tickets begin at:


  • Thursday 1, £75
  • Friday 2, £109
  • Saturday 3, £139
  • Sunday 4, £135
  • Monday 5, £89
  • Tuesday 6, £89
  • Wednesday 7, £89
  • Thursday 8, £99
  • Friday 9, £119
  • Saturday 10, £139
  • Sunday 11, £135
  • Monday 12, £99
  • Tuesday 13, £99
  • Wednesday 14, £99
  • Thursday 15, £109
  • Friday 15, £129
  • Saturday 17, £139
  • Sunday 18, £139
  • Monday 19, £139
  • Tuesday 20, £139
  • Wednesday 21, £139
  • Thursday 22, £139
  • Friday 23, £139
  • Saturday 24, £139

Where is the venue?

Lapland UK is located at Whitmoor Forest, Swinley Road, Ascot, Berkshire, SL5 8BD.

It is situated roughly one and a half miles from Ascot Station.

Can your children help Santa and his elves to save Christmas? (Photo: Lapland UK)

There is free onsite parking available for visitors and for those looking to get the bus, the 162 and 162A depart from Ascot High Street roughly every hour, and stop a short walk away from the venue.