Prime hydration drink: where to buy energy drink from Logan Paul and KSI in UK - and what are flavours?

50,000 bottles of Prime hydration drink were sold within five minutes of being launched in the UK, according to one of the Youtube stars behind it

<p>Prime hydration drink has been created by two Youtube stars Logan Paul and KSI.</p>

Prime hydration drink has been created by two Youtube stars Logan Paul and KSI.

An energy drink which has caused a stir in America is now being sold in the UK - after fans waited months for it to be available.

Prime hydration drink has been created by two Youtube stars Logan Paul and KSI, who were former boxing rivals but have now become business partners.

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The drink has been so popular in the US that stocks on the official Prime hydration drink website sold out within hours with it being launched.

So, it’s no surprise that the drink has also sold out minutes after being released in UK stores too.

But, what exactly is the drink, when will it be available to buy again in the UK, and where can you buy it?

Here’s what you need to know.

What is Prime hydration drink?

Prime hydration is a sports energy drink.

When they launched the drink, Logan Paul and KSI said they were aiming to “rival some of the biggest companies on Earth” with their new drink, including “Pepsi, Coke, Gatorade, and Powerade.”

The YouTubers revealed that their biggest goals for their drink are taste and hydration.

Paul said that the drink is made up of 10% coconut water.

When will Prime hydration drink be available in the UK?

Logan Paul and KSI thrilled their fans earlier this year by announcing that they would be collaborating to release the Prime hydration drink on 4 January.

Initially, Prime hydration drink was available only in the USA, however, making it was not possible to buy it in other countries like the UK, Australia, and India.

Back in January, the pair had teased fans on Twitter that the drink would launch in February in the UK. That never happened, however.

In March, they once again took to Twitter.

Logan Paul retweeted a tweet from KSI who had tweeted “Why isn’t it in the U.K. yet?!?!?”

In his response, he said: “It MAY come sooner than you think…”, leading fans to think the capitalisation was a hint that the drink would be released in the UK in May.

Then, on 11 May, the duo excited their fans again by finally making the official announcement that the drink is now available to buy in the UK.

Writing on the official Drink Prime Twitter account, they wrote “The wait it over. DrinkPrime.UK.”

Where can I buy Prime hydration drink?

In his most recent video, uploaded on his official Youtube channel on 10 May, KSI revealed that Prime drink will be available in UK online stores initially, and then in UK shops.

He said: “I am actually sick of saying this; Prime’s coming. It’s coming in the UK. So, You can get in online in the UK, and soon you’ll be able to get in in stores.”

According to Logan Paul, 50,000 bottles were sold out within five minutes of being launched online.

It’s not yet known when further stock will be available to buy in the UK.

It is thought that, in time, the drink may be sold in supermarkets such as Tesco and Asda.

What flavours of Prime hydration drink are available?

Logan Paul and KSI have celebrated the launch of Prime hydration drink in the UK with a new flavour, Ice Pop.

Logan Paul, who is from America, tweeted: “Introducing Ice Pop! @PrimeHydrate Our new delicious flavor, just in time for the Summer. @KSI and I are proud & humbled to announce that Prime is officially the fastest-growing hydration drink in America, represented by the ICE POP colors — red, white, and blue.”

KSI, who is British, responded with a tweet of his own.

He said: “Erm no, the colours are representing the United Kingdom. In fact, because we took so long to get PRIME to the U.K., we should get the flavour first before the US.”

Other flavours which are available are blue raspberry, tropical punch, lemon lime, grape and orange.

How much does Prime hydration drink cost?

It appears that the Prime hydration drink is being sold in packs of 12 online.

The packs are sold according to flavour.

A pack of 12 costs £24.99, meaning each bottle costs around £2.08.

Who are Logan Paul and KSI, and why were they once rivals?

Logan Alexander Paul, 27, is an American YouTuber, actor and social media personality.

28-year-old Olajide Olayinka Williams "JJ" Olatunji, better known as KSI, is a British YouTuber and rapper.

Logan Paul and KSI, who were once both boxers, fought to a draw in a 2018 white collar bout before turning professional for their rematch in 2019, which the Brit won by split decision.

Logan Paul has now retired from boxing, but on 4 May KSI announced he would return to the ring on 27 August.