Where to buy Prime Hydration drink in the UK? Do Sainsbury’s, Aldi, Asda and other supermarkets stock it

Some fans of the Prime drink have been known to get up before dawn to queue outside their local supermarkets - with Aldi the latest to stock the product

Where there's Prime Hydration on sale, crowds tend to follow.

Long queues from the break of dawn have become a regular sight outside shops and supermarkets, including Aldi, for the in-demand drink. In April, hundreds of customers were spotted outside Aldi stores across the UK to get their hands on slashed-price Prime Hydration energy drinks.

The drinks were restocked by the supermarket chain for £1.99 each following their debut last December which saw the drinks sold out within minutes. Aldi told customers that six flavours of the drink would be available in all stores nationwide but as it’s part of their Specialbuy promotion, and they added that once the drinks are gone 'they’re gone'.

Launched by internet celebrities Logan Paul and KSI in 2022, the popular drink was initially only sold in Asda, but huge demand led to shortages, which fuelled massive resale prices online and in other stores. In February, Sainsbury’s was forced to issue a warning asking people to stop contacting their customer service line for updates on stock after they were inundated with calls.

Wakey Wines in west Yorkshire went viral after charging over £100 for a can of Prime energy drink after importing the beverage from the US. The shop’s TikTok account was even temporarily banned in January.

However even more retailers are adding Prime Hydration to their stores - giving fans more opportunity to purchase the drink. Here is all you need to know:

The drinks are being flogged at an extreme markup. Picture: Michael Gillen.The drinks are being flogged at an extreme markup. Picture: Michael Gillen.
The drinks are being flogged at an extreme markup. Picture: Michael Gillen.

Are other supermarkets selling Prime?

Morrisons also confirmed that it will be stocking Prime Hydration in the near future. An exact date for Prime’s arrival at the supermarket has not been confirmed.

It joins Asda, Aldi and Sainsbury’s in selling the internet’s favourite energy drink - with limits on the number of drinks available to buy. Spar stores have also been selling Prime drink.

Some customers were successful by trying more than one supermarket. Kaden Lucas, 18, woke up at 4.40am to re-stock his collection of the drink and successfully managed to get nine bottles from a store in West Surrey. He first headed to Asda at 5.30am this morning, bought three bottles and then went to Aldi where he got six bottles after queuing for an hour and a half.

Kaden said: "I queued with my mate and got there about an hour and a half before it opened. We were the first in the queue so the first to go straight in and there were about 20 people behind us.

"There’s been many times where I’ve been to Asda when I’ve woken up early and attempted to go when it opens at 6am and they’ve not restocked it."

There are no age restrictions on buying Prime Hydration drinks, however, shoppers have to be aged 18 years or over to purchase a Prime Energy drink.

How can I check stocks of Prime hydration drink in my local UK store?

The Prime Tracker UK app shows branches of Asda, Aldi and Spar where the drink is in stock. It says it will tell users of changes within 30 seconds of stock updates.

According to the description on the Apple App Store, a team monitors and contacts the three retailers to create an accurate database of where Prime is stocked. It also sources information from a Discord server with other 12,000 users and regularly post updates on its Twitter page. The app costs 89p to buy.

What is Prime Hydration drink?

Prime Hydration is a sports energy drink. When they launched the drink, Logan Paul and KSI said they were aiming to “rival some of the biggest companies on Earth” with their new drink, including “Pepsi, Coke, Gatorade, and Powerade.” The YouTubers revealed that their biggest goals for their drink are taste and hydration. Paul said that the drink is made up of 10% coconut water.

What flavours of Prime Hydration drink are available?

Paul and KSI have celebrated the launch of Prime Hydration drink in the UK with a new flavour, Ice Pop. Paul, who is from America, tweeted: “Introducing Ice Pop! @PrimeHydrate Our new delicious flavor, just in time for the Summer. @KSI and I are proud & humbled to announce that Prime is officially the fastest-growing hydration drink in America, represented by the ICE POP colors — red, white, and blue.”