Wakey Wines Prime: has TikTok owner been banned - how much was he charging for KSI and Logan Paul energy drink

Wakey Wines has amassed a following of over 530,000 people on TikTok

The TikTok account for the shop Wakey Wines, run by owner Mohammad Az Nazir, went viral in recent weeks after advertising cans of the hugely popular drink Prime Energy.

Nazir, who runs his shop in Wakefield, used TikTok as a tool to promote his business, amassing a total of 530,000 followers in the process and over 12.9 million likes.

The store owner jumped on the hype surrounding Prime Energy, a drink promoted by well renowned YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul. The drink has been highly sought after in the UK and the surge in demand has led to people travelling across the country to visit the store.

Several shops have increased the prices of the drink to make the most of the excitement - but how much is Wakey Wines charging for Prime Energy, and has the shop been banned from posting on TikTok?

Here is everything you need to know.

How much are Wakey Wines charging for Prime Energy?

Prime Energy has been immensely popular since it was launched in the US and the UK by former YouTube boxing rivals and now business partners Logan Paul and KSI. Prime became an official partner of KSI’s favourite football team Arsenal in July 2022.

According to Paul, 50,000 bottles were sold within five minutes of the drink being launched online. The popularity of the drink has made it incredibly difficult to get hold of, leading to inflated prices around the world.

Prime energy was launched by former boxing rivals and business partners KSI and Logan Paul. (Getty Images)Prime energy was launched by former boxing rivals and business partners KSI and Logan Paul. (Getty Images)
Prime energy was launched by former boxing rivals and business partners KSI and Logan Paul. (Getty Images)

Wakey Wines took it a step further and began selling Prime at his store for an inflated price of £100 per can. In one of the posts on TikTok the store owner shares a video of someone spending £1200 on a box of cans.

Each time the store owner makes a sale he takes a video with himself and the customers asking where they are from and the reason they are visiting the store.

He then prompts the visitors to join in saying his catchphrase by asking them: “What’s the best shop in Wakey? Wakey Wines.”

Is Wakey Wines banned from TikTok?

The Wakey Wines store was briefly banned from TikTok in January after a series of complaints on the platform. Store owner Nazir took to Instagram to explain his thoughts on the ban and claimed the move to ban him from TikTok was instigated by a “well known influencer.”

However, Wakey Wines has since been reinstated on TikTok and the account continues to grow in popularity with 530,000 people currently following the page.

A TikTok spokesperson said: “We are open about the fact we don’t get every moderation decision right and have reinstated the Wakey Wines account.”

Where is Wakey Wines?

Wakefield Wines is located at 8 Marygate, Wakefield. The shop is referred to as Wakey Wines as it is a common nickname that locals give to the city.

The business is also well known for selling its own brand WFD sweets.

How has KSI reacted to Wakey Wines?

Wakey Wines recently posted a video on TikTok of a woman from Sheffield spending over £1000 pound on Prime Energy drink for her children.

The video caught the attention of KSI who urged people to stop buying the drink at such an expensive price. In his own TikTok reacting to the video KSI is filmed reacting to the sale whilst shouting “Stop buying it at these prices.”

KSI has previously said he doesn’t like places or people raising the price of the drink. Last year he criticised Asda for raising the price of Prime to £2.50 and made it clear that it was the supermarkets decision and not Prime’s.

Asda eventually back tracked on the decision and reverted back to the normal £2.