How much caffeine is in Prime Energy? How does popular drink compare to its competitors

Prime comes in Hydration and Energy varieties in the UK

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Prime is one of the popular drinks available on the market right now.

Launched in 2022 by YouTubers Logan Paul and KSI, the drink has been in high demand since arriving in UK stores. Retailers saw huge queues for bottles of Prime Hydration through the end of 2022 and 2023.

Due to the popularity, the brand has made an eye-watering sum in just its first year. Paul claimed that Prime brand did over £200m ($250m) in sales in its first 12 months on the market.

But the difference between the Hydration and Energy brands can be quite confusing for customers and parents. Especially as Prime Energy is being rolled out to retailers across the UK.

You might be left wondering if Prime is an energy drink, how much caffeine it contains and if it is safe for children?

Is Prime an energy drink?

Prime currently comes in two different variety of drinks - as well as a range of different flavours, including limited edition ones. The most widely available and popular in the UK is Hydration.

Prime Hydration is not an energy drink because it does not contain caffeine - and it also is sugar-less. This is the reason why children are able to purchase bottles of the beverage and why it comes in 500ml.

The brand does have a second drink called Prime Energy which is an energy drink. It contains 200mg of caffeine but also has zero sugar. The energy drink comes in much smaller cans compared to Prime Hydration.

A can of Prime Energy. Picture: Getty ImagesA can of Prime Energy. Picture: Getty Images
A can of Prime Energy. Picture: Getty Images

How does Prime Energy compare to competitors?

Prime Energy comes with 140mg of caffeine in each 355ml can, according to Prime’s Twitter page. In comparison a cup of instant coffee contains around 100mg, according to the NHS website.

The caffeine content in the UK is lower than across the pond in the US. In the states,a 12oz can (355ml) contains 200mg, a full 60mg more than in Britain.

But how does it compare to rival energy drinks? Monster Energy, another popular beverage, contains 86.4mg of caffeine per can.

It also contains more caffeine per can than Red Bull, which has 111mg.

Is there an age rating for Prime drink?

Prime Hydration does not have any age restrictions due to it not containing caffeine. It is the reason why children are able to purchase bottles of the drink from stores in the UK.

However Prime Energy does have an age limit. You need to be 18 and older to purchase cans of the energy drink - due to it containing caffeine.

Can you buy Prime Energy in the UK?

Prime Energy can be bought in packs of 12 from the company’s website, however it is currently sold out at the time of writing on Friday, 5 May. It is also available from sellers on

The company announced on 26 April that Prime Energy will be coming to retailers in the UK, joining its sister Hydration product on the shelves.

It will be available in Asda and EG Group stores - which includes the likes of Cooplands, Cumberland Farms and more.