Do you know Greggs sausage roll and pasties? Photo quiz reveals how well you know menu items including bakes

People have been visiting Greggs for their lunch, sweet treats and snacks for over 80 years

British bakery chain Greggs has been a go-to store for hungry people wanting a quick breakfast or lunch fix, or a sweet afternoon pick me up, for over eight decades.

Some of the most popular options on the food menu have always been their range of bakes, pastries and savouries. From the steak bake, which has been a firm favourite for years, to the vegan sausage roll, which was introduced as part of Veganuary in 2019 and has stayed ever since - everyone has their favourite Greggs bake.

But, do you think you could identify your favourite pastry from the rest of the selection of offer? We’ve put together a photo quiz so you can find out. Click through our gallery below to see if you can correctly name all six savoury bakes. The photos are all super close-ups, to make it a bit more challenging, but each photo also has a clue. The answers are then revealed on the last photo.

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