Spider mating season UK: when it starts and how to keep spiders out of your home with 7 simple hacks

Arachnophobes are in for a nerve-wracking few weeks as spiders look to seek refuge in UK homes

After an usually warm summer which saw temperatures hit record highs, the current cooler weather may come as a welcome relief for many.

But the arrival of autumn does come with its downsides as it marks the official start of spider mating season.

Spiders are making their way into UK homes early due to mild weather (Photo: Adobe)

When is spider season?

The eight-legged creatures start to leave their webs in the UK in early September and seek refuge indoors in search of a mate.

Households will generally start to notice their presence indoors until around mid-October, meaning people could be in for a fright over the next few weeks as the creepy crawlies make their way into homes.


Thankfully, those who are afraid of spiders won’t have to put up with the unwelcome intruders for long, as they tend to be spotted less often indoors by the first week of October.

In the UK, there are more than 650 different species of spider - and all of them can bite, although only 12 can cause any harm to humans. It is likely that house, money, cellar and lace web spiders will be spotted a lot more over the next few weeks, as well as false widow spiders, which can grow to around 20mm.

How do I keep spiders out of my home?

Lynsey Crombie, also known as Queen of Clean on ITV’s This Morning, has said previously that preventing spiders from entering the home is “key” and often easier than getting rid of them.

She said: “It sounds really silly but simple things like taking your shoes off, taking your bag off is good because they can be on you and you may not know it.

“Having a really good absorbent doormat is important and we’re not just talking about spiders here, we’re talking about all things that can come into your home.


“Fill any holes that you may have, anything like that and also to look for eggs. They do lay eggs and they can lay them in your wardrobes where your clothes are and they go for dark areas, so always just check those corners.”

If you arent a fan of spiders, here are some cheap and simple hacks you can try to deter them from creeping inside.

Avoid clutter

Spiders love seeking refuge in dark, damp and cluttered places, so ensuring your house is kept clean can keep them away.

Be sure to vacuum and dust regularly, and store things away in plastic-lid boxes rather than cardboard, to prevent the critters gaining access.

Let natural light in


Avoid leaving the blinds or curtains closed during the day, or for prolonged periods when you are away from home as spiders love the dark.

Spiders like the dark so letting plenty of light into your home can help keep them out (Photo: Adobe)

Use essential oils and citrus fruits

Spiders ‘smell’ with their legs, so strong scents will deter them from leaving their nooks and crannies.

Tea tree, rose, cinnamon, citrus, peppermint, citronella, lavender and eucalyptus are good oils to try – make sure you spray corners, window sills and skirting boards, and replenish regularly.

Ms Crombie said: “Use eucalyptus too and just spray the areas where they come in, around those doorframes. That’s not going to harm them, it’s just going to make them turn away.


“Citrus fruits too. If you squeeze a lemon and leave the lemon juice on the counter, they’re going to be attracted to that. But what they don’t like is the wax on your citrus fruits.

“If you have some lemon peel or orange peel left on the side, you can even put it into your bin, that’s going to stop them as well.”

Draw some chalk lines

Spiders taste with their feet and they don’t like chalk, so drawing a line around window sills, your bed, or doorways, will deter them from crossing.

Seal any holes or cracks


Seal up any little holes or cracks in walls, floors and ceilings that spiders could use for access.

Keep foliage away from your house

Avoid allowing plants to grow too close to your home to creep as spiders will hide away in them.

Leaf litter and accumulating wood piles also make for great spider hiding places, so be sure to keep your outdoor space tidy.

Conkers and strong aromas can help to repel spiders (Photo: Adobe)

Use conkers and strong aromas


Conkers and chestnuts are thought to work well as natural spider repellents and are an easy solution to keep them away. Simply place a few in the corners of your rooms or by the skirting board.

Other strong aromas can also work well, such as garlic or vinegar.