How to incorporate mindfulness into your life - The Reset Room podcast

Mindfulness may still be associated with spirituality and meditation, but in this week’s episode of The Reset Room, Kay Woodburn shows how it can work for you

<p>Kay Woodburn is the expert on this week’s Reset Room podcast</p>

Kay Woodburn is the expert on this week’s Reset Room podcast

This week National World’s new mental wellness and lifestyle podcast The Reset Room looks at the concept of mindfulness.

Despite becoming a buzzword in recent years, mindfulness can be understood very simply. As Kay Woodburn explains on this episode, you can call it ‘attention training, being in the moment or being present’.

Kay explains that whilst many associate mindfulness with meditation and spirituality, it is a much more accessible and practical tool that everyone can build into their everyday lives.

Kay Woodburn is an award-winning mindset coach and Managing Director of Gritty People

Also in this episode Kay gives advice to a listener whose child becomes anxious in social settings and tells us how children can benefit from mindful practices too. This involves some really simple but effective actions that make all the difference.

Kay is a life coach and founder of Gritty People, a people development consultancy specialising in behavioural change, in all aspects of life, from global business to elite sport.

Listen to episode 4 now:


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