Asda imposes limit on number of items shoppers can buy from its Just Essential Range

Asda customers are no longer allowed to purchase more than three of the same items from its Just Essentials range

Asda has imposed a strict limit on the number of items shoppers can buy from its new Just Essentials range.

The supermarket giant has said that shoppers can no longer purchase more than three of the same items from the store’s own brand.

However, there is no limit on the overall number of products that customers can buy.

Asda has purchased 129 Co-op petrol station sites (image: AFP/Getty Images)

Why have the restrictions been put in place? 

Asda said the restrictions will only be temporary, but has not yet confirmed the rule could be lifted.

The ban has been put in place because the range has proved so popular with shoppers since it was launched three months ago during the cost of living crisis.

Just Essentials has replaced the Asda Smart Price collection, with the aim of competing with budget supermarkets.

The range contains fresh meat, fish and poultry, bakery, frozen and other household staples, including cleaning and toiletry products such as washing up liquid, toilet roll, laundry powder, shampoo and conditioner.

The supermarket says it will continue to sell Smart Price products until the phased roll-out of Just Essentials is complete.

An Asda spokesperson said: “We’re working hard to get the out-of-stock products back on the shelves as quickly as we can.

“To make sure as many customers as possible can buy these products we are temporarily limiting purchases to a maximum of three of each product.

“This will be for a short period and we will let you know as soon these limits are removed. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.”