When is next Big Power Switch Off? Protest explained, how to take part, did April 10th event have an impact

There are calls for the ‘big power off’ to become a weekly blackout every Sunday evening to get the attention of government and energy companies

Thousands of homes across the UK switched off their electricity on Sunday 10 April at 10pm for 10 minutes in protest against spiralling energy costs.

The aim of the “non-partisan” action was to create enough of an imbalance in the National Grid to get the attention of government and utility companies.

Some people are calling for the ‘big power off’ to become a weekly blackout occurring every Sunday evening to draw attention to the struggle that is being faced by many across the country as a result of rising energy bills.

What was the result of the last Big Power Switch Off on April 10?

Thousands across the UK took part in the 10-minute mass blackout on Sunday 10 April 10 at 10pm.

Those who took part took to social media to write about why they got involved.

One wrote: "Spain did this last month and had their energy prices capped to 2019 prices. Apparently when everyone turns it back on it messes with the national grid and that’s why they doing it".

Another said: "Will it help with the way power companies are charging so much? Maybe, maybe not, but unless we try, nothing will change! I’m in! Are you?"

One person who took part in the event said on Twitter: "Sitting in the darkness for the big power switch off was somewhat peaceful but bittersweet. A massive [middle finger] to energy companies and the government though. #BigPowerOff"

The National Grid said the Big Power Switch Off had no noticeable impact on the electricity system and that they don’t anticipate any future events like this causing any issues.

A National Grid ESO spokesperson said: "Our highly experienced and skilled control room engineers are accustomed to using various tools to manage any sudden fall or rise in demand to ensure a secure and reliable electricity supply for businesses and consumers every second of every day."

When is the next Big Power Switch Off happening?

The next Big Power Switch Off in the UK is planned for 7pm on Saturday 16 April.

This date will coincide with parliament returning from recess the following week.

One of its advocates, author Karen Brady, wrote on Twitter: “Next #BigPowerOff2 will be earlier at 7pm Saturday 16th April, just before Parliament arrives back from their holidays.

“RT & share on all social media platforms. Thanks to EVERYONE involved. Solidarity in numbers. Enough is enough!”

There are plans to make the blackout a weekly event to bring attention to the problems caused by energy prices.

The cost of living crisis is also seeing UK benefits fall to their lowest value in 50 years, according to anti-poverty campaigners.

What is the Big Switch Off and how does it work?

It is a nationwide "non-partisan" protest that aims to call on the government to do more to tackle energy costs by turning off all power in a person’s home for 10 minutes.

Organisers of the campaign said: "The idea is that, if it won’t put you at risk, you switch off all of your electrical appliances, lights, or switch off at the breakers for 10 minutes.”

The idea is that if people do this at the same time all over the country it will target the revenue of major energy companies and affect the National Grid.