What is BeReal app? New update and Spotify posts explained - how to add music to your post

New features on the popular app will allow users to share their music and

It time to BeReal - this time with a song and dance.

The photo-sharing app BeReal has introduced a new feature which will allow users to link their Spotify accounts to give an extra edge to the daily post. BeReal boomed in popularity 12 months ago.

Authenticity is the key to BeReal, with millions of users around the world buying into the 'social media without the filter' idea. Now, yo'll be able to soundtrack your moment as well as sharing a front and back-face picture.

But what is the new feature - and how do you set it up? Here's everything you need to know.

What is BeReal?

BeReal is a photo-sharing app with a twist. While selfies are dime a dozen on other apps such as Instagram, users on BeReal are invited to show the full picture of their snapshot without the filters.

At a different time each day, an alert is sent to phones which users will have a matter of minutes to respond to if they choose. No matter what you are doing - whether it be off exploring or just sitting down in front of the television - you will be invited to 'be real' and share that moment with followers.

While a front-facing selfie is taken, a subsequent picture from the camera on the back of your camera will also be taken, essentially giving the illusion that that is the exact image is what you are looking at at the time of the alert.

The app was launched in 2022, but reached peak popularity in 2022. As of February 2023, it has 13.4million daily users and 47.5million monthly users.

What is the new Spotify feature on BeReal?

BeReal users are now able to add the song they are listening to on Spotify to their daily posts. (Credit: Spotify)BeReal users are now able to add the song they are listening to on Spotify to their daily posts. (Credit: Spotify)
BeReal users are now able to add the song they are listening to on Spotify to their daily posts. (Credit: Spotify)

The major new changes coming to the app is that users will now be able to link their Spotify account with the social media app. The new feature will allow you to add the song you are listening to at the moment the BeReal alert goes off to your picture.

To integrate the two app, you can got through the settings on BeReal - tap 'music' and follow the link to give Spotify permissions. Additionally, you can link the two apps by clicking on the music icon on the BeReal screen when taking your daily picture.

The app will automatically pull whatever is being played in the Spotify app at that moment, including songs or podcasts. However, for those panicking that their guilty pleasures will be about to be made public, don't worry - there is an option in the BeReal app if you don;t want to add music to the post, even if your Spotify account is linked.

In a blog post, Spotify wrote: “Spotify was built for moments of everyday inspiration, discovery, and interactivity. It also creates the playlist for your everyday life. BeReal is designed to capture and share authentic moments in your daily life with your closest friends. Combining audio from Spotify with BeReal adds another layer of authentic personalisation and connection to your BeReal.”

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