Buster Murdaugh: who is Alex Murdaugh’s son, what did he say in double murder trial?

Buster Murdaugh, the son of murderer and disgraced lawyer Alex Murdaugh, spoke at his father’s trial last month

Alex and Buster MurdaughAlex and Buster Murdaugh
Alex and Buster Murdaugh

The trial of Alex Murdaugh, a South Carolina lawyer who killed his wife and son gripped America over the last six weeks. Following the release of Netflix documentary, Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal, the case has also attracted attention in the UK.

The Murdaughs were a prominent family in South Carolina but their reputation has been destroyed in recent years following allegations of corruption, embezzlement and murder.

Alex Murdaugh’s trial is the most recent episode in the family’s fall from grace - he was arrested over the killings of his wife and youngest son in 2021 - his surviving son, Buster, spoke in his father’s defence at the trial.

Who is Buster Murdaugh?

Buster Murdaugh, aged 26, is the son of Alex Murdaugh, a prominent lawyer who was yesterday (2 March) convicted of a double murder. Alex killed his wife, Maggie, 52, and son Paul, 22, Buster’s mother and brother. They were killed by gunshot wounds at the family estate in South Carolina.

Alex and Buster MurdaughAlex and Buster Murdaugh
Alex and Buster Murdaugh

Buster’s brother Paul had been awaiting trial for the wrongful death of a friend in a boating accident when he was killed - all charges against him were dropped as a formality. As a result of Alex’s conviction, Buster’s immediate family are either deceased or locked up.

He had planned to follow in his father’s footsteps, joining the family law firm - this would have made him the fifth generation of Murdaugh men to pursue law.

What did Buster Murdaugh say at his father’s trial?

Alex pleaded not guilty to the killings of his wife and son, but was convicted by a jury on circumstantial evidence - crucially a Snapchat video taken by Paul minutes before his death which proved that Alex had been at the murder scene, something which Alex had consistently denied.

Alex Murdaugh was today sentenced for the killings - he was sentenced to life in prison for each murder, to be served consecutively. Prosecutors did not pursue the death penalty, which is legal in South Carolina.

Alex Murdaugh was found guilty of killing his wife and sonAlex Murdaugh was found guilty of killing his wife and son
Alex Murdaugh was found guilty of killing his wife and son

Buster had been present at the South Carolina courthouse throughout the trial - at one point he handed his father a John Grisham novel which was not permitted as it was considered contraband.

Speaking at his father’s six-week long trial on 21 February, Buster testified that his father had called him around 20 minutes after he had allegedly shot Paul and Maggie to tell him that he was travelling to the family home.

He spoke for more than 90 minutes at the trial, and appeared to believe strongly in his father’s innocence. It marked the first time that Buster had spoken publicly about the death of his mother and brother, and at several times he began to tear up during his testimony.

Buster then said that his father called him later to tell him that his mother and brother had been shot. Buster said: “He was destroyed, he was heartbroken. I walked in the door and saw him and gave him a hug... just broke down.”

Buster also defended his father in court, challenging audio which prosecutors said showed Alex saying ‘I did them so bad’, suggesting guilt - Buster argued that Alex had actually said ‘They did them so bad’.

When the verdict was revealed on 2 March, Alex’s youngest and only surviving son was seen with his head in his hands. His aunt, Alex’s sister Lynn, was stony faced during the verdict.

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