Olivia Pratt-Korbel: what her mum Cheryl said in video appeal after Liverpool shooting - murder probe latest

Olivia Pratt-Korbel’s mum Cheryl Korbel said: “I’m hoping that they come forward so this doesn’t happen to anybody else.”

The mother of Olivia Pratt-Korbel has told those responsible for her death “you know you’ve done wrong, so you need to own up”, in an emotional video appeal.

Cheryl Korbel, whose nine-year-old daughter was shot in their home in Dovecot, Liverpool, paid tribute to her “little shadow” in the video, which was filmed and released by Merseyside Police.

Ms Korbel, 46, said she hoped whoever was responsible for the killing would come forward.

Olivia was shot in her home when a gunman chased convicted burglar Joseph Nee into the property at about 10pm on August 22.

A post-mortem examination found the medical cause of her death was a gunshot wound to the chest.

Cheryl Korbel, the mother of Olivia Pratt-Korbel, has made an emotional video appeal urging whoever was responsible for her daughter’s death to ‘own up’.

What did Olivia’s mum say in the video?

She said: “I’m hoping that they come forward so this doesn’t happen to anybody else.

“You know you’ve done wrong, so you need to own up,.

“Like I taught my kids, you do something wrong, you own up to it.

“If anyone is hiding these guns they need to speak up because they need to be off the streets.

“No one, no one at all should have to go through this.”

Wearing a cast on her wrist after being injured during the shooting, Ms Korbel said the family had been planning days out and a trip to buy Olivia’s new school uniform before she died.

She said: “I didn’t get that chance to go and get her school uniform.

“But I’ll keep going, for Liv.”

She broke down in tears as she described how her daughter would never stop talking and said: “That’s what I miss the most, because I can’t hear her talk.”

Ms Korbel also said: “She was amazing, she loved life. She was my little shadow, she went everywhere with me.

“Everyone she met they all fell in love with her, she left a mark on everyone she met.”

Cheryl Korbel.

What has her dad said?

Olivia’s father, John Francis Pratt, also paid tribute to his daughter and called for anyone with information on her death to come forward.

In a statement, Mr Pratt and his wider family said: “We don’t want another child to lose their life in such horrendous circumstances and we don’t want to see another family suffer like we are suffering now.

“Olivia’s death cannot be in vain and we want people to feel safe and be safe, that can only happen if we all come together and make sure there is no place for guns, or those who use guns on our streets or in our communities.”

Olivia Pratt-Korbel, with her father John Francis Pratt.

What is the latest with the investigation?

A man arrested on suspicion of the murder of nine-year-old Olivia Pratt-Korbel has been released on bail.

The 34-year-old, from Liverpool, was also being questioned on suspicion of attempted murder after he was arrested in the Runcorn area in the early hours of Sunday, Merseyside Police said.

On Wednesday, a force spokesman said he had been conditionally bailed.

Three other men, aged 29, 34 and 41, were also bailed on Wednesday after being arrested on suspicion of assisting an offender.

A spokesman for Merseyside Police said: “The investigation into Olivia’s tragic murder is ongoing and we still need to build up a strong evidential picture so that we can bring those responsible to justice.”