Darya Durgina: was daughter of Putin ally’s death an assassination, who are Russia’s National Republican Army?

Ukraine based former Russian MP Ilya Ponomarev claims bomb that killed Alexander Dugin’s daughter was planted by NRA in Russia

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The daughter of Vladmir Putin’s adviser has been killed in a car explosion on the outskirts of Moscow.

Darya Durgina, 29, was driving a car owned by her father, Alexander, and was killed instantly by the blast - marking the first attack on the Russian capital since the start of the war with Ukraine.

Following the attack, Russian officials have declared that they plan to strike on Ukraine. But who was Darya Durgina and who was responsible for her death?

Ilya Ponomarev claims the National Republican Army were responsible for the murder of Darya Durgina (Getty Images)Ilya Ponomarev claims the National Republican Army were responsible for the murder of Darya Durgina (Getty Images)
Ilya Ponomarev claims the National Republican Army were responsible for the murder of Darya Durgina (Getty Images)

Who was Darya Durgina?

Darya Durgina was a Russian journalist, political activist and a supporter of Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Her father Alexander Dugin is viewed as a highly influential figure in Russian politics, despite having no official links to the Kremlin.

Dugin is an adviser to Putin and has often been dubbed by journalists as the “brain” of Putin.

Dugin is seen as an architect of the Russian war with Ukraine and he is responsible for shaping Russia’s foreign policy.

Durgina was born in Moscow on 15 December 1992 and studied Ancient Greek Philosophy at Moscow State University.  Upon finishing her degree she began working for the state controlled media outlet RT (Russia Today).

She appeared on state TV to offer support for Russia’s actions in Ukraine and was chief editor of a website called United World International which is also owned by allies of Putin.

In 2022, Dugina was sanctioned by UK and US authorities for her role in contributing to the “disinformation” regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

How was Darya Durgina killed?

Darya Durgina and her father were guests of honour at a festival in the Zakharovo estate on the outskirts of Moscow.

Following the festival, Darya Durgina had planned to leave with her father by sharing a lift home.

Her father Alexander Dugin changed his mind and travelled home in a different car, subsequently avoiding the reported assassination attempt.

Darya Durgina died, aged 29, while driving home from the festival.

She is said to have died instantly while driving a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado after a bomb was detonated inside the vehicle, according to reports.

Many Russian officials believe that her father was the intended target for the assassination.

Who killed Darya Durgina?

Kremlin linked officials have promised to attack Ukraine following the alleged car bomb attack in Moscow and believe the attack was ordered by Kyiv.

The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) believe they have solved the events leading to her death, concluding that Ukraine special services had hired out a woman to perform the attack.

The FSB says she arrived in Russia last month with her teenage daughter. After carrying out the explosion, the FSB believe they have fled to Estonia.

Ukrainian officials have denied any links to the incident but have warned they expect to see increased Russian attacks in the period leading up to Ukraine’s Independence Day.

It is also believed that the alleged car bombing may have been caused by an underground Russian group known as the National Republic army.

Ilya Pnomarev, who is believed to be a key figure in the rebel group, was expelled from politics in Russia due to his anti-Kremlin activities.

During his time in office he was the only deputy to oppose the annexation of Crimea in 2014.

Pnomarev said: “This attack opens a new page in Russian resistance to Putinism. New - but not the last.”

Who is the National Republic Army?

The National Republican Army is an underground resistance group based in Russia with the aim of overthrowing the Putin regime.

The group is believed to have formed in 2022. According to statements from the army, the group uses a white-blue-white flag to symbolise a new Russia.

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