Bizarre optical illusion reveals if you are a hopeless romantic or love cheat based on what you see first

The image you see on first glance is said to reveal whether you are a hopeless romantic or prone to cheating

Optical illusions are designed to play tricks on the brain as they can be interpreted in multiple ways.

The image that you see in illusions is thought to reveal characteristics about your personality, depending on what you see.

How you interpret an image is thought to be an indication as to whether you are left or right brained.

Those who favour the left are generally considered to be more orderly and analytical, as this side of the brain is better at tasks like reading and writing.

Meanwhile the right side of the brain is described as more “creative”, with people who are more right-brain oriented considered to be more visual and intuitive.

Some optical illusions have one of two different ways to be seen, while others are more complex with several hidden details to spot. What we see in such images is said to say a lot about our personality traits, including our attitude to relationships.

What do you see in this image?

This bizarre optical illusion features four hidden images within it, with what you see said to give an insight into how you love and what is holding you back from it.

“El Viejo Y El Rio” by Octavio Ocampo comprises multiple images when you look closely (Credit: Octavio Ocampo)“El Viejo Y El Rio” by Octavio Ocampo comprises multiple images when you look closely (Credit: Octavio Ocampo)
“El Viejo Y El Rio” by Octavio Ocampo comprises multiple images when you look closely (Credit: Octavio Ocampo)

The complete image features an old man, a younger man riding on a horse, a girl lying down, and a river running underneath an archway.

What you see first in the picture supposedly reveals your outlook on relationships, including whether you are a hopeless romantic or prone to cheating, according to YourTango.

An old man

If you saw the face of an old man first, it means that you never lose sight of the bigger picture when it comes to love and dating.

You are not the type of person who is likely to be swept off your feet by big romantic gestures, but instead are more likely to be successfully wooed by someone who is willing to put in the time, effort, energy and hard work that real relationships require.

People who see the old man know what they are looking for when it comes to a long-lasting romantic relationship.

A man riding a horse

If you spotted a man riding a horse first, it means you can be difficult to hold down in a relationship.

Even when you believe you have found your ideal partner, your heart can be tough to tame.

This does not necessarily mean you are going to cheat on your romantic partners, but it does suggest you are someone who likes to be courted and without constant attention from a partner, you may be tempted to start looking elsewhere.

It means you have a natural tendency to continue looking for the person of your dreams, even if that perfect someone is right in front of you.

A girl lying down

If you saw a girl lying down by the side of the river at first glance, it means that you may have been hurt badly in the past and you are close to giving up on finding lasting love altogether.

You are keen to pursue romance, but time has made you increasingly wary of a relationship failing and not working out before it has had a chance to blossom.

Previous experiences have made it hard for you to believe there is any point continuing to look for a relationship that will last, and while you are the kind of person that feels heartache very deeply, you also love very intensely.

A stone archway over a river

If you saw the stone archway over the river first, this suggests that you crave adventure more than stability.

It means that while you like the idea of falling in love, you also fear that relationships will get in the way of your wild spirit and need for freedom and exploration.

However, that does not mean you cannot find a partner who has as much of a wild side as you and you should not expect to go through life on your own.

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