10 Christmas films are hidden in this image, including Love Actually, The Holiday and Elf – can you spot them?

Most people take just under 90 seconds to see all 10 films - can you beat the odds?

Two of the most popular forms of entertainment for families up and down the UK over the festive season are watching a film or playing a game together.

Most families also have their favourite festive films and games, and will watch and play the same ones year after year as part of their Yuletide traditions.

But, what about if you could combine both together? Well, now you can. Film buffs and quiz masters alike will enjoy this Christmas themed brain teaser. In a bid to challenge Brits on just how well they know their festive romantic movies, old and new, global lingerie retailer Hunkemöller has created a rather tricky puzzle. All you have to do is to name all ten films hidden within the image.

On average, it takes one minute and 21 seconds to suss out all ten, but will you crack them in record time? Take a look at the image below to see what films you can see. Don’t worry if you get stuck, we’ll also give you some clues and then the answers can be found below too.

There are 10 festive films hidden in this image.There are 10 festive films hidden in this image.
There are 10 festive films hidden in this image.

What are clues to the Christmas film image?

If you’re struggling to see all 10 films in the image, then 10 clues below might help you to correctly identify them.

1. This 1950s film starred Bing Crosby.

2. This Hugh Grant film celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2022.

3. This film was written by actress Emma Thompson.

4. This comedy is about visiting divorced parents over the festive season.

5. The main character of this film is known for her really big knickers.

6. This 1946 film is now considered to be one of the best of all time.

7. Will Ferrell takes on the lead role in this noughties film.

8. Judy Garland plays the main character in this film.

9. A classic festive film directed by Richard Curtis.

10. This film was shot in both the UK and USA and shows two characters swap homes.

What are the answers to the Christmas film image?

Below are the answers to the festive films which are shown in the image.

How many did you spot?

1. White Christmas

2. About a Boy

3. Last Christmas

4. Four Christmases

5. Bridget Jones Diary

6. It’s a Wonderful Life

7. Elf

8. Meet me in St. Louis

9. Love Actually

10. The Holiday

If there are any that you missed, now you know the answers, go back and see if you can spot them.

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