All eight Celebrations chocolates ranked from best to worst - and Bounty’s not at the bottom of the list

Bounty has been taken out of the Celebrations selection box - but new research suggests it may not be the least liked treat in the sharing tub

Chocolate lovers are still reacting to the news that Mars Wrigley have taken Bounty out of their Celebrations sharing tubs. As the build up to the Christmas season begins, the confectionary company announced that it is removing the coconut-filled bars from its Celebrations chocolate tins after 39% of consumers said they believed they should be phased out permanently.

The news has caused quite a stir, with some people declaring this to be the right choice while others are devastated by the loss of the treat from the festive staple that is Mars Wrigley’s answer to the multi-choice chocolate tub. We’ve even had our own poll here at NationalWorld, and like the UK population, we are divided with our thoughts.

It seems that some may be so upset at the loss of Bounty they have decided to conduct their own research to find out if it really is the most hated bar in the celebrations tub.

Online supermarket Britsuperstore, has analysed over five million search results from the last five Christmases to see what the British public actually think and which chocolate is actually the least liked in a Celebrations tub - and their findings may surprise you.

Take a look at the ranking below to see if you agree.

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