Old man or young woman? Optical illusion reveals what kind of person you are based on what you see first

If you see a man or a woman first is said to reflect your dominant personality traits

Optical illusions can provide an intriguing insight into how your brain works by testing your powers of observation. The clever images and drawings not only put your perception levels to the test, but what we see is thought to say a lot about our personality.

Some optical illusions have many different ways of being interpreted and it is said that whether we favour the left or right side of our brain can determine our personality traits. The left side of the brain is linked with being more analytical, verbal and orderly, and is better at tasks such as reading and writing.

By comparison, the right is considered to be the more creative side and is linked with being more visual and intuitive. The way you interpret an image that can be seen in more than one way is thought to reveal which side of your brain is more dominant and in turn, can indicate your type of personality.

Analysis by Playbuzz user TeacherQuizzes explains the personality traits associated with the image you see.

Do you see an old man or young woman?

One such illusion that puts your powers of perception to the test is a simple drawing that can be seen in two different ways.

Do you see an old man or a young woman? (Image: Playbuzz)
Do you see an old man or a young woman? (Image: Playbuzz)
Do you see an old man or a young woman? (Image: Playbuzz)

Some viewers will see the image of an old man when they look at it, while others will see the back of a young woman’s head.

It is also possible that some people will be able to switch between the two and can spot both the man and the woman. However, what you see first is said to show your dominant personality traits.

What does it mean if I saw the old man?

If the first thing you saw was an image of an old man’s face with a moustache, it is said you are a calm, honest and faithful person, who is seen as trustworthy and reliable by others. You are a natural leader who can take initiative and others look to you when they need guidance or wisdom.

You are something of a perfectionist, which can be a source of stress, but you carefully follow steps to reach your goals which prevents you from making impulsive decisions.

What does it mean if I saw the young woman?

If you spotted the back of a young woman’s head in the image first, you are said to be an optimistic and curious person, with lots of positive energy. You are impetuous and have a tendency to act based on impulsive decisions, but are passionate about trying new things.

You usually look for the best in everything and enjoy helping others, with people often looking to you for positivity. People who see the young woman are also said to be strong and resilient, but would benefit from sharing problems with others and seeking support when needed, rather than keeping things to themselves.

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