Optical illusion leaves viewers baffled as people can’t unsee huge crowd at a concert

The image looks like a photo of a crowd at Coachella or a Glastonbury headline set

An optical illusion that seemingly depicts the image of a huge crowd at a concert has resurfaced and is blowing people’s minds.

We all know what a concert image looks like - thousands of people in a crowd with a stage that looks tiny as the photo is taken at the far end of the audience.

But what if you can see that and the image is actually of something very different?

Take a look at the optical illusion below and figure out what you can see.

What is the image?

The image first surfaced on Reddit in 2019 but has made a reappearance.

What does the optical illusion actually show?

It turns out that the image is in fact not showing a concert at all, but is rather a picture of a cotton picker working through a field at night.

The ‘crowd of people’ is actually the field of natural fibre, and the ‘lights and the stage’ is actually a huge harvester that was working the nightshift to pick the field.

Your mind tricked you into seeing something entirely different due to how the visual areas of the brain receive and process information.

Your perception was distorted because when your brain and eyes try to communicate, things don’t quite connect straight away and the interpretation of the image becomes confused for something else.

How have people reacted?

The image has completely baffled people online, with many saying they could still see the image of the concert even after being told what it really was.

One person said: "That’s some fluffy crows! I had to do a double-take on that one."

Another stated: "That took me a while. I still see the tiny people though!"

Someone else said: "I honestly thought it was a concert at first glance ... and that cotton picker now looks menacing to me as now I know."

A fourth posted: "What gets me, is that, even when you’ve realised what it is, it still looks like a crowd at a concert!"

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