What do you see? First thing you see in five-part illusion shows what you want in a romantic relationship

Five different images hidden within this optical illusion are said to reveal what qualities you value most in a relationship

What do you see? (Photo: The Minds Journal)
What do you see? (Photo: The Minds Journal)
What do you see? (Photo: The Minds Journal)

It is said that optical illusions can reveal hidden aspects of our personality and our deepest desires based on what we see. Some illusions can be interpreted in one of two ways, while others are more complex with more details to pick out.

One such example is a piece of artwork that comprises five different images, and what you see first is thought to say a lot about what is important to you in love and relationships.

What do you see?

Five different people and faces are hidden within this optical illusion and the image that jumps out to you first supposedly reveals the qualities you value most in a relationship, according to The Minds Journal.

What do you see? (Photo: The Minds Journal)
What do you see? (Photo: The Minds Journal)
What do you see? (Photo: The Minds Journal)

The face of a man

What it means: you need to feel understood

If you saw the face of a man first, it means that being understood in a relationship is what is most important to.

The Minds Journal claims that those who see the man’s face are hard-working people who strive to be respected, admired and appreciated by their loved ones.

It is said that these people can easily understand others around them “simply by closely observing them” and will reveal “particular sides” of their personality based on those observations.

The journal states: “You only show a version of yourself that they can relate to and feel comfortable with. This helps you make people like you more and easily.

“This unique skill can be exceptionally useful. However, that doesn’t mean you are fake or deceitful.

“It simply means you are cautious about how you present yourself to people and how they perceive you. But this can often make you more mysterious than necessary. As nobody truly knows you completely, they fail to understand you on a deeper level.”

The journal adds: “This can be a problem in relationships as you want to be understood by the people you love, especially your partner. As you are a complicated individual, it becomes very difficult for your partner to know or understand you, especially as you only show particular aspects of your personality to them.”

It says given opportunity and time your partner will understand you better, but you must be patient and “reveal every aspect of yourself to them in all its glory”.

A man standing in a coat

What is means: you need to feel accepted

If you saw a man standing in a coat first, this means you are looking for someone who accepts you for who you are, even when you are feeling down.

It is claimed that people whose eyes first strayed to the man in the coat have a “deep-rooted sadness” inside their heart and clearly understand the reality of life, realising the balance between happiness and sadness is crucial for a meaningful existence.

These people understand that like everything in life, relationships that start will also come to an end and it is this recognition that enables them to appreciate the little things in life.

It is said that these people need complete acceptance from a romantic partner, who will “wholeheartedly” love them.

The journal explains: “Most of your former partners were unable to understand your melancholic nature as they were more focused on ‘fixing’ you.

“You need someone who can value and appreciate your deep understanding of life and death and see the real beauty in your sad personality.”

A baby lying on a table

What is means: you need to feel nurtured

Those who saw the baby lying on a table first crave someone who will make them feel nurtured as they usually feel helpless in both relationships and life.

It is claimed that people who see this image are able to be responsible and take charge, but often feel vulnerable and believe things may go wrong at any time.

As such, these people seek a partner who will stand by them through thick and thin, and help to make life feel less burdensome.

The journal states: “You feel anxious and stressed easily and most of the time you feel sleep-deprived. You have made crying a habit and you find some solace in letting your tears flow at least once a week.

“You need to feel loved and nurtured in a relationship. That is what your heart truly wants from a loving, caring partner. That doesn’t mean you need a babysitter.

“You need a partner who will understand you and will be aware of your emotional needs. You need someone who will care for you deeply, make you feel safe, secure, and protected. Someone who will support you through the thick and thin of life.”

A sorcerer reading books

What it means: you need to feel spiritually connected

If you spotted a sorcerer in a hat reading two books, this supposedly means you have an intense curiosity about life and the next one, and are looking for a partner who has a ‘spiritual connection’.

These people have a keen interest in different religions and feel attracted to those who share their curiosity about life.

The journal says: “You crave an intense spiritual connection from a romantic relationship. For you, it is crucial that you share a  deep and meaningful bond with your partner even though you may not share the same religious or spiritual beliefs.

“However, you do feel attracted to other curious minds who love to know about the different spiritual aspects of life, the world, and the entire universe.

“You want a partner who shares your enthusiasm about spirituality although they might not be spiritual themselves.”

Two women dressed in white

What it means: you need to feel challenged

If you spotted two women dressed in white first, it means that you desire a partner who will make you feel challenged.

The journal claims that those who were drawn to the women are stubborn people who are very focused and “in control of themselves and their lives”.

It states: “You believe that life would be a lot easier if everyone just trusted you and did exactly what you asked them as you know how things should be.

“Although this may make you sound like an egomaniac, the truth is most of the time you are right about your observations, perceptions, judgments, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. You are probably the smartest person around in any given situation and you know how things should go.”

When it comes to love and relationships, these people desire a partner who will counter and challenge them, rather than be submissive.

The journal adds: “You need a partner who will challenge you in a romantic relationship. You need your partner to be with you, trust you, and support you. However, you also want your partner to counter you, put their views ahead and challenge you when they believe you aren’t right.

“You don’t want a submissive partner. You need someone who won’t be afraid of calling you out. You want to be in a relationship where both you and your partner can support and challenge each other to grow in the long run.”

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