Are you among 1% of people who can spot the giraffe hiding in this Magic Eye optical illusion?

The image has confused people on social media site TikTok

There’s a giraffe in this image - but despite the animal being the tallest living terrestrial animal and the largest ruminant on Earth it isn’t easy to spot.

That’s because the image is an optical illusion - designed to test people’s brain power and, ultimately, confuse.

This particular illusion, which has been compared to a Magic Eye image, is so difficult that apparently only 1% of people can actually see the hoofed mammal.

Are you among that 1%? Test your spotting skills with the image below.

What is the video?

The video posted on TikTok shows an image of a yellow and green leafy pattern.

Over the image, the content creator who shared it, a teenager called Jack, wrote: "Best optical illusion I’ve ever seen in my life.”

In the caption he also wrote “This blew my mind when I figured it out.”

He then challenged his viewers to see if they could see the giraffe too, simply asking “Can you see the giraffe?”.

The video lasts for 15 seconds to give people the chance to see the yellow giraffe, but the question is can you see it?

Take a look at the image below.

Can you see the giraffe in this optical illusion?

Where has the video come from?

The video has been shared on social media site TikTok by a contributor known only as Jack.

On his profile, he describes himself as a 19-year-old Aquarius.

He has a total of 18.5K followers and 335.6 likes on the site.

How have people responded to the video?

One Tik Tok user said the giraffe was easy to spot.

They said: “Easy. These were really popular in the early 90s (yes I am old) I could always manage to see them no bother.”

Other people disagreed, however.

One person begged for the original poster of the video to share the location of the large mammal.

They said: “Jack, can you please show me where the giraffe is?”

Jack did not reveal the location, but he did offer a tip on how to see the giraffe.

He said: “You gotta unfocus your eyes.”

Another Tik Tok user also offered advice for others on how to see the giraffe.

They said: “You can also look at it really really close up then slowly move away from it.”

One person even said they saw far more than one giraffe.

They said: “I see 2 giraffes and a chicken in the centre. The white flowers pop out and some of the leaves where the 2 giraffes’ heads are. 1 head is behind leaves.”

What is Magic Eye?

Magic Eye is a series of books that feature autostereograms which were first published in the 1990s.

An autostereogram is a single-image stereogram designed to create the visual illusion of a three-dimensional scene from a two-dimensional image.  The illusion is one of depth perception.

Magic Eye books, which became a craze during the 1990s, broke numerous bestseller list records around the world. Magic Eye products have also received prestigious awards, including numerous national and international awards.