Who is Paul Breach? Has TikTok star’s account been banned, how old is he, does he have Cameo - was he arrested

His account has been suspended from TikTok

A TikTok star was seen being put in a police van after being surrounded by a crowd of fans in a popular seaside town.

Paul Breach, a British social media star, was first spotted at Middlesbrough train station before travelling to Whitby, in North Yorkshire. It comes after he told fans in a livestream on Instagram that his account had been removed from popular app.

He had been on TikTok since 2021 and had racked up hundreds of thousands of followers. However concerneds had been raised by users about his behaviour, with a petition being launched calling for him to be banned from TikTok as well as Instagram and other platforms.

But why is he controversial, was he arrested and who is Paul Breach? Here is all you need to know:

Who is Paul Breach and how old is he?

He is the TikTok star behind the @beautybeyondthe_eye, which had until recently racked up more than 890,000 followers as well as over 11.7m likes. Breach is best known for his videos of lip synching to George Ezra songs such as the 2022 hit Green, Green, Grass - as well as for producing a viral song about Jack Grealish during the delayed Euro 2020 tournament in the summer of 2021.

The Tab reports that he was the inspiration for a viral trend recently after TikTok creator who goes by Bargains By Karen recorded a video saying “Yeah, I’m friends with Paul Breach”. It ended up being parodied by other users on the social media platform.

He also sells videos with personalised messages on the video platform Cameo. Breach is said to be in his 40s, possibly aged 42.

Has Paul Breach’s TikTok account been suspended?

If you go to the content creator’s @beautybeyondthe_eye on TikTok it no longer exists as of Saturday (7 January). The app displays the following message: “Couldn’t find this account.”

It has led fans to question if Breach has been suspended from the social media platform. After going live on Instagram story, he confirmed that his account had been banned by TikTok. In other videos, Breach announced a new TikTok account and described himself as a “disgusting person”.

Paul Breach. Picture via TikTok screenshot Paul Breach. Picture via TikTok screenshot
Paul Breach. Picture via TikTok screenshot

The Tab reports that Breach said: “At the moment my account is gone off TikTok. If it stays permanently gone, it stays permanently gone. I’ll go back to a normal life eventually. I’ve got enough money to do what I want at the moment.

“So, I wonder what people’s content will be now? Soon your FYP and everything else will be back to normal and people’s accounts will be back to pathetic views and pathetic likes. So, if it comes back, hi. If it doesn’t come back, hi. I’m gonna go see the world. See what happens. Hey!”

Was he arrested in Whitby?

Teesside Live reported that videos posted on social media showed a haggard looking Breach posing for pictures with fans in the seaside town of Whitby, outside the popular Magpie fish and chip shop. The paper reports that he was picked up by police after being surrounded by a crowd of fans outside The Ship Inn pub.

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Police explained: “At around 4.40pm on Monday, police were called to reports of a potential public order incident near The Ship Inn on Marine Parade, Whitby. Officers attended and the incident was resolved.” The force said no arrests were made.

Why is Paul Breach controversial?

KnowYourMeme reports that Breach has been accused “ by multiple users of being “creepy” during his TikTok livestreams and allegedly taking advantage of and grooming his young audience”. The website continues: “In June of that year, a subreddit called /r/paulbreachsnark was then created to criticize Breach and his content.”

A petition on Change.Org was launched calling for Breach to be banned from Tiktok, Instagram and Cameo. It was started by a user called Sophie E, writing: “What started as cringe worthy dances and skits has turned into him harassing people who have publicly called him out for his questionable and offensive behaviour. He has invited hate towards these people, despite their being hundreds if not thousands of people also voicing their concerns.

“Paul has been mass reported to tiktok and Instagram many times. People are beyond frustrated that both companies have not taken their concerns seriously. It is time they listened properly and got this man off their platforms. Once this gains enough traction and signatures the petition will be put forward to the relevant people at both tiktok and Instagram.”

Does he have Cameo?

The TikTok star has a Cameo account and his vidoes start at $50 each. His account is rated 4.88 out of 5 based on 330 reviews.