Roman Kemp Creme Egg: did Capital Radio host miss out on £10,000 - competition explained

The radio host didn’t realise that the Creme Egg could be worth up to £10,000 until he shared a picture on Twitter - but by then it was already too late

Capital Radio host Roman Kemp has revealed that he missed out on the chance of winning £10,000 - by eating a Creme Egg. The DJ shared his tale of woe on his Capital Radio show on Monday (20 March), explaining that he thought the egg was the product of “a mistake” from Cadbury.

However, much to his despair, the egg is actually part of an ongoing promotion from the chocolate company that could see participants win up to £10,000.

This is everything you need to know.

What did Roman Kemp say?

Talking on his radio show, Kemp explained: “I was enjoying my Sunday very much. I was watching the last episode of The Last of Us and I thought to myself, “I’m going to treat myself. Why not? I’m going to have a Creme Egg”.”

Upon seeing the white and milk chocolate hybrid egg, Kemp said that his first thought was “someone’s made a mistake here”.

He said: “I’ve never seen one of them before. I was aware obviously that they’ve got the white chocolate ones, they’ve obviously got the normal milk chocolate ones, so I’m thinking, this is just a mistake.”

Kemp shared an image of his egg on Twitter and it didn’t take long for fans and followers to fill him in on how much the chocolate was potentially worth.

He continued: “I’ve eaten it, and then I’ve posted it on Twitter, saying, “Oh my God, look at this weird egg that I got”. Turns out there’s a prize attached to that egg of £10,000. And I’ve eaten it. What do I do now?”

On Twitter, Kemp wrote in a series of tweets: “I HAVE ALREADY EATEN IT AND PEOPLE ARE SAYING ITS WORTH £10K!?



What’s the Creme Egg competition?

The competition from Cadbury marks the return of Creme Eggs that you shouldn’t eat - a half white, half milk chocolate egg that could see you bag up to £10,000.

To enter the competition, you’ll need to buy a Creme Egg from any retailer advertising the promotion in store and, should you come across a half and half Creme Egg, you can enter by calling the phone number that is printed on the ticket under the foil of the chocolate. You’ll need to keep the ticket in order to claim your prize. Note that you can only call during office hours.

Have you seen any Creme Eggs that look like this? (Photo: Cadbury)Have you seen any Creme Eggs that look like this? (Photo: Cadbury)
Have you seen any Creme Eggs that look like this? (Photo: Cadbury)

After calling the number you’ll be asked to answer a series of verification questions, including the unique code on the ticket, the retailer purchased the egg from, plus the date and location of when you bought it. The terms and conditions also state that for all entrants except those who bought their eggs from Asda, a picture of you and the uneaten winning egg may be required via email. For those who bought their egg from Asda, just a picture of the uneaten Creme Egg may be needed.

All prize claims must be made by 5pm on 9 June 2023 - any claims made after this point will be void.

The prizes up for grabs include range from £50 to £10,000.

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