What you see first in Optical illusion reveals what type of person you become when falling in love

Optical illusions are thought to identify key characteristics of our personality based on what we see

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Optical illusions can supposedly tell us hidden secrets about our personality, including our dominant traits.

Our interpretation of an image is thought to be linked to how our brain works, with the left side of the brain being more logical and analytical, and the right linked with being more creative.

The quirky images are also said to provide insights into our behaviour, including how we act in relationships - with our personality traits dictating how we act when in love.

What do you see?

This optical illusion, painted by artist Oleg Shupliak, reveals the type of person you become when you fall in love, according to YourTango.

What do you see first in this painting? (Photo: Oleg Shupliak / YourTango)What do you see first in this painting? (Photo: Oleg Shupliak / YourTango)
What do you see first in this painting? (Photo: Oleg Shupliak / YourTango)

Shupliak is renowned for combining multiple faces and people within his artwork in his collection of hidden paintings.

This unusual piece, titled “Our thought, our song”, comprises a painter and his subject, a woman standing next to a tree, a man with a moustache, and a man without a moustache, along with some houses and a musical instrument.

It is claimed that the person or face that stands out to you first when looking at the painting says a lot about how you behave when falling in love.

The painter and his subject

If you saw the painter and his subject first when looking at the image, it means that you are laser-focused on your partner when you fall in love.

When you are not in a relationship you spend your time getting to know other people, but once a love interest appears, you reserve all of that energy for that one special person.

You put all your energy into that person, but this can sometimes cause a lot of pressure.

The man without a moustache

If you spotted the face of the man without a moustache first, this means you become more serious and introspective when in a relationship.

Being in a relationship allows you to experience different emotions and while moments of solitude can be good, you risk confusing your partner if you turn from the life of the party to a silent thinker.

YourTange adds: “Everything should be within moderation - moderation is key”.

The man with a moustache

If you saw the face of the man with a moustache first, it means you become a bit of a homebody when you fall for someone.

You enjoy not being tied down when you are not in a relationship, but once you find someone you gain a new awareness of the importance of family and home as the centre of your life.

Remember that it is still healthy to leave the house and your home comforts sometimes too.

The woman next to the tree

If the first thing you saw was the woman standing next to a tree, this means you see the sensual in everything.

You are eager to share your excitement when you are in a relationship and embrace your sensuality, but be careful not to get too swept away.

The houses

If you saw the houses in the picture first, it means you become a lot more future-focused when you are in love.

While you are not normally a planner, relationships can force you to think about the future and want to plan ahead.

The musical instrument

If the musical instrument jumped out to you first, it means you become much more creative when in a relationship.

You enjoy embracing your artistic side and appreciating new experiences, like art and culture, even if it has never really been your thing.

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