What do you see? First image you spot in optical illusion reveals why you feel lonely

How you perceive optical illusions is said to say a lot about your personality and emotions

Optical illusions can be interpreted in many different ways and it is said that what we see reveals a lot about our personality.

Some illusions can be interpreted in one of two ways, while others are more complex and have several hidden details to spot.

What we see in an image is thought to reveal which side of our brain is more dominant, with more creative and visual people favouring the right, while those who are more left-brain oriented tend to be more logical and analytical.

Optical illusions can also supposedly identify key characteristics of our personality, such as if we are outgoing or introverted, happy or sad, as well as what makes us feel lonely.

What do you see first?

This optical illusion is said to reveal why you feel lonely, based on what you see.

What do you see first in this illusion? (Photo: YourTango)What do you see first in this illusion? (Photo: YourTango)
What do you see first in this illusion? (Photo: YourTango)

The black and white picture, shared by YourTango, features three hidden images and what you see first can supposedly explain the reasons you are on your own, and whether you have problems forming relationships with others.

The moon

If you saw the moon first, it means that you feel lonely because it is difficult for you to open up to others and let your guard down.

You crave the company of other people and believe that this will help to improve your life, but you are reluctant to lower your defences and let others in.

Trusting others is a scary prospect for you, but if you do not overcome your fear it may stop you from forming the relationships that you want.

The whale

If the whale was the first thing you saw, it means that you feel lonely because you are always on the lookout for yourself first and foremost.

This does not mean you are a selfish person, it just means that you know what you want in life and are not willing to settle for anything less.

You are aware that loving someone sometimes means you have to put their needs above your own, but you are not quite ready for that just yet.

The surfer

If the surfer was the first thing you spotted, it means you may be lonely because you are a free spirit who is afraid of commitment.

You find love and relationships daunting and scary because it means giving up a part of who you are, and you are concerned you might lose part of yourself in them. When love starts to feel real, you have a tendency to panic and leave.

If you make the effort to stick around and stay in a relationship, you may just discover that the experience can actually be liberating and the biggest adventure of them all.

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