What is the spinning horse optical illusion? Why the video has gone viral and left TikTok viewers baffled

It asks the simple question "What direction is the horse rotating?" - but has left the internet hugely divided

A viral video on TikTok of a spinning horse has left viewers baffled, with differing opinions on which way it is turning.

The bizarre optical illusion shows a geometric horse rotating and is one nobody is able to work out.

The clip ignited conversation on the social media app with many of its users commenting on what they could see and their own observations.

What is the spinning horse optical illusion?

The video shows a geometric horse spinning around, appearing to flip its head and turn back the other way.

It asks the simple question: "What direction is the horse rotating?"

It has sparked confusion and division in the comments on what people can see from the illusion.

Who posted the video?

The video was posted by TikToker TrippyHub and now has over six million views on the app.

It has also raked in 290,000 likes becoming viral on the internet.

What can people see?

The video seems to have everyone utterly stumped.

One user responded, suggesting: "I can only see left omg."

While another claimed "I can control which way it moves" when they watched it.

Another user said: "It’s alternating back and forth. Not spinning.

"Look at the shadows cast behind the head on the neck. They would disappear at one point if spinning."

Others even suggested that the front and back half of the horse are actually rotating separately from each other.

Meanwhile more users claimed that you have to squint to see the direction of the horse.

Another proposed it was in fact going both ways when you blink your eyes.

Have a watch of the video and discover what you can see from the illusion - which way is the horse spinning?

What other illusions are like this?

One of the most famous illusions of this kind is the ‘spinning dancer’, created in 2003 by Japanese web designer Nobuyuki Kayahara,.

The moving graphic shows a figure of a rotating ballerina and just like the horse some people see the woman turning clockwise, while others are convinced it’s the other way around.

Some have suggested it could be down to whether you are ‘left or right brained’.

It is based on the idea that left-brain thinkers are more analytical and methodical, while right-brain thinkers are more creative - but there’s no evidence to suggest this is true.

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