Why women should continue to speak openly about health - including endometriosis and miscarriage

Talking about personal issues, especially when it comes to health, can be a difficult - and often taboo - subject

Talking about personal issues, especially when it comes to health, can be a difficult - and often taboo - subject (Photo: Shutterstock)

For many women in particular, talking about a health condition such as endometriosis, or the heartbreak of miscarriage, can not only be tough to talk about, but some topics seem to be cloaked in an unbroken taboo.

However, there has been a recent increase in women talking freely and openly about issues which have not always been discussed out in the public.

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Generally, this has been well-received and other women have not only encouraged this to continue, but have then been inspired to speak about their own experiences too.

I welcome other women feeling comfortable enough to share their experiences.

It not only allows them to share what they have been through, the knowledge they have learnt and the support they have received, but it also enables other women to know it’s alright to talk about personal health topics, including issues surrounding reproductive health and pregnancy.

It’s inspiring to see women talking openly about difficult subjects as a way to help others, and it raises awareness of conditions and situations that people may not always be aware of, or know the next steps to take - myself included.

Women being open and frank about their experience with endometriosis - including symptoms, speaking to a GP, their diagnosis and treatment options - has then prompted other women to share their own personal journey about living with the condition.

Raising awareness of the symptoms of endometriosis and what to do if you’re concerned is positive to see, especially in the world of social media, and I think it’s beneficial in that this can also encourage women to get checked out, even if they have the slightest of concerns or worries.

Symptoms of endometriosis can include pain in your lower tummy or back - which is usually worse during your period, period pain that stops you doing your normal activities, pain during or after sex, and difficulty getting pregnant.

Similarly, seeing women share their experiences of suffering a miscarriage has enabled others to speak out about their own deeply personal journey, and shown other women they are not alone.

Seeing women sharing their own stories about not only miscarriage, but other health conditions which can affect us, has allowed me to learn things I didn’t know, signs to look out for and that everyone’s experiences and bodies are different.

However, it’s also shown me that it’s ok to be open and discuss topics personal to us, and that having open conversations can not only help ourselves, but others.

I hope this is something which women continue to feel comfortable doing and are encouraged to keep doing so, if and when they want to.