From Love Island's Millie & Liam to Love Is Blind's Chelsea and Kwame, TV 'dating' show couples still together

These couples prove that you can find love if you go looking for it - although there has been plenty of drama, as well as engagements, marriages and babies

For those looking for love, there are multiple dating apps that they could join, but there are also many dating shows that they could apply for.

From Love Island to First Dates, and Love Is Blind to Married at First Sight, there's an endless list of shows that singles in both the UK and US could go on. The format for each of the shows may be slightly different, but they all have the same big goal in common - finding love. These couples prove that it is perfectly possible to actually find your forever person on reality TV and begin a wonderful relationship in front of thousands, or even millions, of viewers.

These pairs all have their own stories; for some the path to true love has been smooth, but for others it's been rocky. There have been break-ups, reunions, marriages and babies among them all. Have a click through our gallery to see who got the ultimate reality show prize - love.

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