Jeremy Clarkson tells students ‘don’t worry if your A level results are disappointing’ as he relaxes on a boat

Jeremy Clarkson has done it again with his controversial guidence on the importance of A level results.

Jeremy Clarkson has shared his annual message reassuring students that they don’t need to worry about the results of their A Levels.

The broadcaster, 62, from Doncaster, has been using Twitter to share words of encouragement on results day since 2014.

Earlier today, he wrote: “Don’t worry if your A level results are disappointing. I got a C and 2 Us and I’m currently holidaying on this boat.”

The post racked up over 3,000 likes with some people admitting they were inspired, while others argued that times have changed.

Jeremy has been dividing opinion ever since he started the annual tweet boasting about his failed A levels.

He usually starts off his post by stating the grades he got, which he claims was a “C and two Us”, then goes onto brag about the lavish lifestyle he has managed to achieve.

In 2014, he boasted about having a Mercedes Benz, while in 2019 he gushed about a renting a crib for the summer.

This year he shared a snap onboard a boat sailing the ocean in a very sceneic area.

Some have been critical of Jeremy’s humblebrags, but others have praised his creativity and willingness to speak candidly about himself to make others feel better.

“It’s not A level results day till Clarkson tweets” one eagerly awaiting poster wrote.

Another said: “To everyone coming in to make the same tired jokes as every year: who does this tweet hurt? Because I can tell you it’s probably quite comforting to a 17/18 year old who’s just found out they haven’t got into their dream university”

Others brought up how Jeremy’s upbringing helped in his success.

One wrote: “He also went to two fee-paying schools - which goes to show “it’s not your educational talent that matters it’s how much you can pay that gets you access”

“He started from a higher base than 90% of UK” Believing that Jeremy’s more fortunate school life helped him succeed later in life,” another commented.

Celebrities including chef Gordon Ramsay and astronaut Tim Peake, have followed suit by giving their opinion on the importance of A level results.

Gordon, 55, has been offering free food at his Southwark Pizzeria in Waterloo, London.

He tweeted: “Massive well done to everyone collecting their #ALevel results today !! Celebrate with pizza on me at @gordonramsaystreetpizza Southwark from 11:30am! Gx”

Meanwhile, Tim, 50, told people he didn’t get the results he wanted but still succeeded in his career path.

“Don’t be too disappointed if you didn’t - mine weren’t what I hoped for but if you put your mind to it you can achieve anything.”

Jeremy Clarkson plays an influential role as a host on the Grand Tour series, a former successor to BBC’s Top Gear.

The show debuted in 2017 and aired consistently until 2020, however the latest series was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.