Is Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne Pinnock moving to Greece? As husband Andre Gray signs to new football team

Andre Gray has signed a four year contract with a Greek football team, meaning the family will split their time between the UK and Thessaloniki.

Leigh-Anne Pinnock and her family will have to spend several months of the year over in Greece, while Andre is playing football with Aris FC - who he has just recently signed a contract with.

The football player has played for Watford for the past five years but has already debuted for Aris FC in the last month.

Leigh-Anne was recently in Thessaloniki and it is thought this is the spot that she has chosen to find a base.

“Obviously it’s easy enough to fly back and forth as it’s only a three-hour journey, but it makes total sense for Leigh and the kids to be out there with him as much as possible,” a source told The Sun.

The Little Mix singer will be moving to Greece part time with her husband.

Andre Gray and Leigh-Anne will be splitting their time between the UK and Greece for the next four years, as the footballer’s contract requires attending both training and matches.

The couple are reportedly excited about the move as it will give them the opportunity to have “extra privacy”.

Privacy is something that Leigh-Anne has spoken out about before - when she gave birth to her twins she made the decision to not reveal their gender or names on social media.

They are now one-years-old and that information has still not been let slip - there have been no photos posted of the children in which their faces have been visible.

Andre has signed a four-year contract with Aris FC.

Leigh-Anne, who is preparing to debut music as a solo artist, met Andre at a club in Marbella in 2016.

The couple began dating a few months later.

The source added: “Some distance away will help her lead a more normal life, and after a decade in Little Mix, that’s very welcome.

“But the nature of their jobs mean she will have to be back in London more than him.”