What happened to TikTok star Travis ‘Honcho’ Taylor? Fans mourn as social media influencer dies suddenly

Taylor was known for posting funny videos with hiphop tunes as a soundtrack - and two men have now been charged with his murder

A TikTok star with over 200K followers has been killed, leading many to leave their tributes to him on the social networking platform. Travis “Honcho” Taylor, who posted under the username Travis Taco Taylor, was reportedly murdered in April. Two men have since been arrested in connection with his death, according to the Richland County Sheriff's Department. Daniel Goodwin, Jr. and Andre Daniels have been charged with the murder of Taylor, and Goodwin also received a charge of possession of a weapon during a violent crime.

Many of Taylor’s 281K TikTok followers have responded with shock and sorrow as the news of his death spread. Many have now been left asking questions about just what happened to Taylor, who was from the United States and posted regular videos on social media. Here’s everything we know, including who Travis “Honcho” Taylor was and how and when he died.

Who was Travis “Honcho” Taylor?

Travis Honcho Taylor was a social media influencer who was 39-years-old. He described himself on his official TikTok page as “Honcho Da Boss”. He is thought to have been born in South Carolina, and gained a following on TikTok by posting comedy and lifestyle videos. He was known for making videos with hip-hop music as the soundtrack.

When did Travis “Honcho” Taylor die and what happened to him?

Taylor is said to have been killed on Saturday 8 April in Columbia, South Carolina. He was found in the early hours of the morning with numerous gunshot wounds, according to local news media the NC Beat. Officials were informed that shots had been fired at an apartment complex in the city at around 5pm. Deputies from The Richland County Sheriff's Office responded to the scene at the 1200 block of Metze Road, a little north of St. Andrews Road off of Broad River Road, and found a fatality.

Travis was reportedly found lying on his face in an apartment building hallway with multiple gunshot wounds to his upper body. He was taken to hospital, but he died as a result of his injuries. The Richland County Sheriff’s Office released further information about the shooting later in Aprill and Daniel Goodwin, Jr. and Andre Daniels have been charged with murder.

Investigators said that Goodwin, Daniels, and Taylor, were all at the same nightclubs before the shooting took place, but still don't know what led to the shots being fired. At the time of the incident, Goodwin was out on bond for a murder that happen in 2019 in Orangeburg County, according to officials, as reported by US news outlet WachFox 57. Sheriff Leon Lott told the publication: “When we talk about catch and release, this is a worst-case scenario. A killer getting out, only to go kill again. If Daniels had stayed in jail, this victim would still be alive.”

TikTok star Travis "Honcho" Taylor, who has been killed.TikTok star Travis "Honcho" Taylor, who has been killed.
TikTok star Travis "Honcho" Taylor, who has been killed.

What tributes have been left to Travis “Honcho” Taylor?

Many fans have been leaving tributes to Taylor across his social media pages, including on TikTok, Facebook and Instagram. Tributes have come from people who knew him personally and from across the spectrum of his followers. One person said: “Didn't know him but from TikTok. He seemed real cool and down to earth. May he rest in peace. Prayers to him and his family.” Another user, who appeared to know Taylor said: “Rest up Bro I’m hurt man we literally just talk man. Love you gang” alongside many crying face emojis and a love heart. 

Another user, going by the name Latrelle Latrelle, used TikTok to inform others that a celebration of Taylor’s life was being held at a Columbia-based funeral home a week after his death, on Saturday 15 April. The post revealed that Taylor, whose full name was Travis Dontrell Taylor, was allegedly buried after the event. In another post, Latrelle posted a short video tribute to Taylor. She wrote “your presence we miss, your memory we treasure, loving you always, forgetting you never.” It is unclear what connection Latrelle has to Taylor, but other users commenting on her post offering their condolences. 

One other person referred to Taylor as Mr TikTok in their video tribute which showed them meeting him. They wrote: “I did not know Travis Honcho Taylor personally but recently had this first encounter with him last Monday. I would often see him, (he) seem(ed) like he kept to himself and a cool person. Praying for strength for his family and friends."

Since his death, one of Taylor’s friends who posts under the name @Mz_Fr33bandz has posted several videos in tribute to him. One appears to show video footage and photos of the pair together the night before his death as the video has the caption “if I knew last night was my last hug” along with many heartbroken emojis. She also simply wrote “RIP my friend” and declared him to be her “favourite person”. Many users have been offering her their condolences.