What school did Liz Truss go to? Where in Leeds did she attend - Roundhay and Rishi Sunak comments explained

Liz Truss described her former school as having ‘low expectations, poor educational standards and lack of opportunity’

Liz Truss’ comments about her former school have not went down well with the local community.

The Tory Leadership candidate is facing backlash after stating the leafy Leeds suburb where she grew up had “low expectations and… lack of opportunity.”

Roundhay, which Truss described as a “red wall seat,” is home to professional footballers, one of England’s largest parks and an average house price of £332,385 according to RightMove.

Here’s everything you need to know about what school Liz Truss went to in Leeds.

Where is Liz Truss from?

Truss hails from the leafy Leeds suburb of Roundhay.


Roundhay Park in Leeds is one of the largest parks in the UK (Pic: AFP via Getty Images)

Located in the west of the city, it is home to one of the largest parks in England.

The Tory leader candidate lived in Roundhay with her parents, her father was a university professor whilst her mother worked as a nurse and teacher.

Truss has described the area as having “low expectations and… lack of opportunity” however the average price for a detatched home is £572,000 and on average families earn £55,700 a year.

She has described Roundhay as being a “red wall seat”, however the area was actually Conservative from 1955 to 1997, only turning towards Labour after Truss had graduated from Oxford University.


Where did Liz Truss go to school?

Truss went to Roundhay School in Leeds.

Set in 22 acres of land, it currently has an “outstanding” rating from Ofsted.

It boasts an impressive list of alumni including a university vice-chancellor, judges, former editor of The Sunday Telegraph and Tory MP Nick Gibb.

Truss has described her school as having “low expectations, poor educational standards and lack of opportunity” and that too much talent “went to waste”.

However, her comments have not gone down well within the community.


Speaking to the Guardian, one former pupil said: “These comments are particularly disrespectful to a brilliant team of teachers.

“My mum worked long hours in a specialist learning unit at Roundhay, helping provide extra support to allow pupils with learning difficulties the same opportunities as their classmates.

“This was one of very few such services to be provided in schooling at the time, one of the first of its kind. Far from being a school that ‘failed’ students, Roundhay was and still is a great source of pride.”

In an anonymous letter to the Yorkshire Post, a former school governor described Truss’ comments as “bizarre”.

Adding: “As a former governor of Roundhay School I am aware the school has always been proud of the excellence of its teachers and achievements of its former pupils.

“The school has encouraged a range of opinions and beliefs amongst pupils and Liz Truss is the first ex pupil I am aware of who blames her conversion to the Conservative Party on the shortcomings of its teaching staff.”


After completing her A Levels at Roundhay School, Truss went on to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Merton College, Oxford University.

Where did Rishi Sunak go to school?

Rishi Sunak went to Oakmount Preparatory School in Southampton, before attending Stroud School, King Edward IV Preparatory where he became Head Boy.

Conservative Leadership hopeful Rishi Sunak campaigns with Tory activists in Sevenoaks, England (Pic: Getty Images)

Fees for the prestigious private school currently sit at £24,665 a year.

Following on from his private school education, Sunak went to study at Oxford University and Stanford University in America.


Speaking about his educational background the Tory leader hopeful said: “My parents sacrificed a great deal so I could attend good schools.”