Where did Rishi Sunak go to school? Education at Winchester College and Stroud School - and qualifications

Sunak attended Stroud School in Romsey which currently charges per-term fees of between £4,060 for Nursery to Year 2 and £6,515 for Year 7 to Year 8 pupils

A lot has been said of Sunak’s wealth and fortune, and whether that really places him in the best position to be Prime Minister.

After all, he and his wife are said to preside over a fortune valued at over £730 million. That makes them richer than King Charles III. Not exactly the ‘everyman’ that many will have hoped to have been able to look to during an unprecedented cost-of-living crisis.

Add to that, the news that, according to new research, Sunak has followed the trend started by Boris Johnson and Liz Truss of populating the majority of his Cabinet with people educated at fee-paying schools, with some 65% of the new Cabinet having attended an independent school.

But where did Sunak go to school? A rough comprehensive in an inner-city suburb? Or a prestigious prep in the lush idylls of Hampshire? No prizes for guessing correctly...

Here is everything you need to know.

Where did Rishi Sunak go to school?

Rishi Sunak speaks to a crowd during his campaigning at Manor Farm in Ropley, near Winchester, on 30 July 2022 (Photo: Chris J Ratcliffe - Pool/Getty Images)

Sunak attended Stroud School, a preparatory school in Romsey. A preparatory school is a fee-paying independent primary school that serves pupils up to the age of 13.

Currently, Stroud School charges per-term fees of between £4,060 for Nursery to Year 2 students, and £6,515 for Year 7 to Year 8 pupils.

Stroud School responded to his recent appointment as Prime Minister by saying: "We congratulate former Head Boy, Rishi Sunak, on becoming Prime Minister.

“We hope that his education at Stroud, King Edward VI Preparatory School will have given him the foundations to lead through challenging times with integrity and compassion. We wish him every success and a Happy Diwali."

After Stroud, Runak attended Winchester College, a boys’ independent boarding school where he was head boy, despite being refused a scholarship. He was also editor of the school newspaper, The Wykehamist, in which he published articles critical of Tony Blair’s New Labour government.

Winchester College currently charges a fee of £45,936 per annum for boarding pupils. The school, which is claimed to be the oldest continuously operating in the United Kingdom, was founded as a feeder institution for Oxford University in 1382.

Its students are known for their cod-Victorian public school vocabulary, and there are approximately 700 enrolled at any given time.

He later received a first class degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) from Lincoln College, Oxford, in 2001. During his university years, he worked as an intern at Conservative Campaign Headquarters.

He received his MBA from Stanford University, where he was a Fulbright fellow, in 2006.