Queen Elizabeth II - latest: Queen laid to rest following state funeral ceremonies

The world watched on as Queen Elizabeth II was laid to rest in a day full of poignant traditions

Following a day of state ceremonies and traditions, Queen Elizabeth II has been laid to rest.

Crowds gathered in London in the morning, to see the procession of the Queen’s coffin travel to Westminster Abbey, where 2,000 people, including family members and world leaders, attended the state funeral service.

Later in the day, the Royal procession made its way to Windsor Castle. A committal service was held in St George’s Chapel, in which the Queen’s coffin was shown in public for the final time before descending into the Royal Vaults.

A poignant day in front of the cameras and the eyes of the world was ended with the private family ceremony at Windsor Castle, where the Queen was buried beside her late husband, Prince Philip.

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Gate opened at Balmoral Castle

The gate has been been opened at Balmoral Castle as we expect the arrival of Prince William, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward and his wife Sophie Countess of Wessex.

The four Royals, who flew to Aberdeen Airport together by the RAF, are due to arrive to see the Queen at any moment, my colleague Karen Roberts reports from outside the Aberdeenshire residence.

Prince Harry is travelling separately however his wife Meghan will now remain in London.

Balmoral gate opened in preparation for the arrival of Prince William. Credit: Karen Roberts

Four Royals including Prince William arrive at Balmoral Castle

Prince William, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward and his wife Sophie Countess of Wessex have now arrived at Balmoral Castle, my colleague Karen Roberts reports.

The Duke of York was a front-seat passenger in the first Range Rover, along with Prince Edward and Sophie, with the Duke of Cambridge driving.

The family members landed at Aberdeen Airport around one hour ago, with the fleet of cars transporting the royals straight to Balmoral Castle.

This means all of the Queen’s four children are now at the Aberdeenshire residence.

Prince Harry is travelling separately, while Meghan is remaining in London.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, Sophie, Countess of Wessex and Edward, Earl of Wessex arrive to see Queen Elizabeth at Balmoral Castle. Credit: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

President Biden keeping Queen in thoughts

US President Joe Biden told Liz Truss he and his wife Jill was “keeping the Queen and her family in their thoughts”, the White House said.

The president and the Prime Minister were taking part in a video conference about the war in Ukraine.

“President Biden also conveyed to Prime Minister Truss that he was following reports about Queen Elizabeth’s health and that he and the First Lady are keeping the Queen and her family in their thoughts,” a White House statement said.

US First Lady Jill Biden and US President Joe Biden speak with Queen Elizabeth II in June 2021. Credit: ARTHUR EDWARDS/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

The Queen has died aged 96

The Queen has died aged 96, Buckingham Palace has said.

A spokesperson said: “The Queen died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon. The King and The Queen Consort will remain at Balmoral this evening and will return to London tomorrow.”

Queen Elizabeth II 1926 - 2022 obituary

Queen Elizabeth II, whose full name was Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, was never supposed to be Queen.

Born on 21 April, 1926, during the reign of her grandfather, George V, she was at the time third in line - behind her uncle, Prince Edward, and her own father, Prince Albert.

She was assumed to be a relatively minor royal, as at this point Prince Edward was still young and expected to marry and produce an heir, and it was still possible that Prince Albert, her father, would produce a son - who would take precedence over Elizabeth.

The young princess grew up in London with her sister Margaret and enjoyed trips to Balmoral Castle in Scotland - which remained one of her favourite places for the rest of her life and is where she ultimately passed away.

In 1936, Elizabeth’s grandfather died and her uncle succeeded to the throne as Edward VIII. But a year later he abdicated in favour of his brother Albert - who became King George VI in tribute to his father.

Elizabeth was suddenly heir to the throne.

How will the Queen be transported to London for her funeral?

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II will take place at Westminster Abbey in 10 days time, my colleague Matthew Mohan-Hickson reports.

Her coffin will be transported by the Royal train along the east coast line from Edinburgh Waverley to London.

Crowds will be encouraged to throw flowers in tribute to the monarch.

What is the protocol after the Queen’s passing?

Carefully constructed plans regarding what happens following Queen Elizabeth II‘s death have been in place since the 1960s, in a process dubbed ‘Operation London Bridge’.

A series of documents obtained by political news outlet Politico detail the specifics of the protocols.

The security plan is outlined in full, detailing everything from how news of the monarch’s death will be shared to the public to how quickly Prince Charles will ascend the throne.

It also includes details on what happens during the 10 days following the Queen’s death, including where her coffin will go, how Prince Charles will spend his first few days as King and how the prime minister will publicly address the news.

Charles, the King, said the Queen’s death is a “moment of greatest sadness"

Charles, the King, said: “The death of my beloved mother, Her Majesty The Queen, is a moment of the greatest sadness for me and all members of my family.

“We mourn profoundly the passing of a cherished sovereign and a much-loved mother. I know her loss will be deeply felt throughout the country, the realms and the Commonwealth, and by countless people around the world.”

Charles is now king. Credit: Jane Barlow - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Charles will be known as King Charles III, the Prime Minister Liz Truss has revealed.

There had been some speculation that he may take a different name in his title, as his grandfather King George VI - who was named Albert.

Mourners gather at Balmoral to pay respects

Mourners have begun gathering at Balmoral Castle fowlling the death of the Queen, my colleague Karen Roberts reports.

Husband and wife, John and Jane Townsley from Aberdeen, were travelling to the castle when news broke that the monarch has passed away.

Jane said: “We didn’t know until we got up to the park, and people at the front told us she had just passed away.”

John added: “It’s a shame for the family.”

Joining them in mourning was Luna and Stewart McNiven, from the nearby town of Glenshee.

The couple decided to visit as they realised it was “significant moment”.

Luna said: “It’s expected but at the same time it’s a shock. She’s been a part of our lives - she was a monarch from before my mother was born.

“I don’t think they’ll know what’s hit them to be honest. She has kept the family together for such a long time.

“Seeing her at Prince Philip’s funeral was one of the most touching moments.”

Flowers have also begun to be laid at the gates of Balmoral.

Flowers laid at the gates of Balmoral. (Credit: Karen Roberts/National World)
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