Queen’s funeral: how did Prince George and Princess Charlotte appear among mourners - was Prince Louis there?

The state funeral for Queen Elizabeth is taking place today with more than 2,000 people in attendance at Westminster Abbey

Prince George and Princess Charlotte walked behind the Queen’s coffin as part of a solemn procession through Westminster Abbey.

The pair walked in between their parents to take their place in the abbey among the mourners.

As the young royals walked behind their great grandmother’s coffin, Charlotte held her hands clasped in front of her while George had his arms by his side.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte were among those walking behind the late Queen’s coffin.

How old are Prince George and Princess Charlotte?

More than 2,000 world leaders, national figures from UK life, and leading individuals attended the Westminster Abbey funeral that saw the Prince and Princess of Wales bring their children Prince George, 9, and Princess Charlotte who is 7 years old.

The pair who are second and third in line to the throne were known to call the late Queen “Gan Gan”.

King Charles III sat at the head of the family, with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex nearby, after more than a week leading the monarchy and the nation in mourning his mother the Queen.

Ahead of the service, the Princess of Wales could be seen holding Charlotte’s hand, and giving her a reassuring touch on the shoulder.

Prince George was also comforted by his mother, the Princess of Wales, during the service.

The siblings had travelled to the abbey in a car with their mother and the Queen Consort.

The i newspaper reports it is understood the Prince and Princess of Wales thought “very carefully” about how much to involve their children.

Will they be at the Windsor service?

As the procession left Westminster Abbey for Wellington Arch, members of the royal family watched on.

The Queen Consort, the Duchess of Sussex, the Princess of Wales and the Countess of Wessex were seen looking sombre as the King and his siblings marched off.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte stood in front of their mother, with George looking directly at the coffin as it passed.

They were in the congregation at the committal service at St George’s Charpel at Windsor this afternoon.

Princess Charlotte sat between the Duke of Sussex and her mother the Princess of Wales on the front bench on one side of St George’s Chapel.

The Prince of Wales sat on the end of the row next to his son Prince George, followed by the Princess of Wales, Princess Charlotte, and then Harry and his wife the Duchess of Sussex.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte sitting with their parents.

Was Prince Louis there?

The youngest child of the Prince and Princess of Wales, Prince Louis, who is just 4 years old, was not at the funeral.

The Daily Mail reported that after Prince George and Princess Charlotte attended the memorial service for their great-grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh earlier this year their parents decided they would be able to cope with the funeral.

The title reported that a source said: “As parents they have of course, thought long and hard about whether their children should accompany them.

“Of course little Louis is too young, but they think Charlotte and George are up to it.”