Which countries are in the G7? Who is in Group of Seven, what is it, is Russia a member, when is 2022 summit

Leaders of G7 countries have met in Germany at the annual summit for the group

World leaders have joined together for the latest G7 summit in Germany.

Boris Johnson has joined the likes of US president Joe Biden, French president Emmanuell Macron and Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau to dicuss pressing matter such as the war in Ukraine and the global food crisis.

The G7 has been a mainstay group of world politics for almost 50 years, with select countries meeting to discuss the newest developments in international politics.

But what exactly is the group’s purpose? And which countries are a member of the fourm?

The UK, the US and France are all members of the G7. (Credit: Getty Images)

What is the G7?

The G7 is a fourm for the world’s largest so-called “advanced” economies.

The name comes from ‘group of seven’ - a reference to the number of members within the group.

Launched in 1975, the G7 was created to allow larger countries discuss important developments in world politics.

Leaders also focus on global efforts in other areas such as climate change, trade, economics and security.

Regular meetings and an annual summit is held to allow countries to meet to discuss such matters.

Which countries are in the G7?

The countries included in the group are:

  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Despite being the largest economy on earth and having the largest population, China has never been a member of the group.

This is due to the low rate of weath per person in the country, which means that it does not class as an “advanced economy”.

The EU is also not an official member of the group, however it does attend the annual summit held by the G7.

Has Russia ever been in the G7?

Russia had in fact been a member of the group, joining in 1998.

This temporarily made the group the ‘G8’.

However, they were removed from the fourm in 2014 after the country annexed the Crimean penninsula.

Member states excluded the country after calling an emergency meeting at The Hague in response to the annexation.

Where is this year’s G7 summit being held?

Presidency for the G7 rotates between member states and the country holding the presidency hosts that year’s summit.

Currently, Germany holds the presidency, meaning that the summit will be hosted by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

It is due to be held in Bavaria.

Summits are planned year in advance in line with the rotating presidency.

The 2023 summit will be held in Japan, while the 2024 summit will be held in Italy.

When is the 2022 G7 summit?

This year’s summit will be held from 26th - 28th June.

The annual meeting is usually held around late Spring to early Summer each year.