25 best puzzles for people of all ages; from jigaws to crosswords and 3D creations

These are 25 of the best puzzles for people of all agesThese are 25 of the best puzzles for people of all ages
These are 25 of the best puzzles for people of all ages

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Puzzles are great for children and adults alike - not only are they fun but they also stimulate the brain

For children, they can be a fun way to help them learn important cognative skills. For adults, they help to keep the brain active.

They can also be educational for a person of any age, and they are also highly entertaining.

There’s a wide range of games available; some intended to be played solo and some as part of a team, making them a great way to either enjoy some ‘me’ time or bring your family and friends together.

There are traditional games that have been enjoyed by people for years, new games inspired by modern culture, and classic games which have been updated for modern day.

In addition, there’s word games, number games, creative games and more.

To help you choose the perfect puzzle for you, we have rounded up 25 of the best below.

There’s something to suit every age, every taste and every budget.

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Kids (and big kids) aged 8 to 99 will love making their own 3D version of this iconic UK landmark.

These unique interlocking 3D wooden puzzles have been handcrafted, have varying difficulties and will keep you entertained for hours.

Improve your problem-solving abilities and solve all of the six sides of the 360 rings to have a matching colour all the way around with this classic puzzle.

Perfect for Percy Pig fans, this 500 piece puzzle is not only fun but also sustainable as it’s made from trees harvested in a responsible manner.

This wonderful pack contains four extra large floor puzzles with colourful illustrations which will help children with their development.

Inspired by the well-loved children’s book ‘Guess How Much I Love You ‘, little ones will have great fun trying to match up the wooden shapes in this fun puzzle.

In this box, there are three bright and colourful Disney Princesses jigsaw puzzles for that princess fans everywhere aged five plus will love.

This is a wooden puzzle lock with an attached metal key; the quesiton is can you solve the puzzle? All problem solvers will love this.

Escape into the world of Jane Austen with this gorgeous 1000-piece puzzle which features a wide range of characters and marvellous houses from the beloved author’s works.

This daily calendar features a new puzzle each day with clues that crossword players at every level will find clever and challenging.

This puzzle is much more than that, it’s also a decorative item for your home, but one you can enjoy with your guests again and again.

This is a traditional decorated Japanese puzzle box which can be used to keep your most prized possessions safe - and it will take 12 intricate steps to open it again.

With large pieces that are easy for little hands to manoeuvre, this puzzle from Djeco will delight your little ones at playtime.

Aristotle’s number puzzle is a brilliant way to use all of your brain cells and test your skills, and it’s suitable for children and adults.

This book is filled with quizzes, brain teasers and word searches that are ideal for teenagers and adults - and it’s personalised.

The 1,000 piece puzzle, which features lots of adorable Stitch faces, will keep children over 10 entertained for hours.

This amazing 3D puzzle shows Disney princesses Cinderella, Belle and Ariel, plus there’s a secret storage compartment ideal for your little ones to store their tiny treasures.

This puzzle depicts one of the most famous scenes in one of the move beloved Disney films; it’s one all true Disney fans will want to keep forever.

The supreme puzzle board features 120 multi-level challenges in three different playing modes, featuring 2D and 3D challenges, so it will keep every puzzle lover happy.

These six cubed puzzles are the ultimate brain teasers and each one will offer a different challenge to challenge the brain.

For all fans of Harry Potter, this intricately detailed 3D puzzle of Diagon Alley’s famous Gringotts Bank makes the perfect afternoon activity.

This is a fun travel game with five magnetic puzzle pieces and 48 challenges, with varying levels of difficulty from easy to expert.

Little ones will have so much fun discovering each magnetic piece as they pull open the hinged doors on this interactive puzzle, which will be one of their first to enjoy.

Ideal for mindfulness, these unique puzzles are as beautiful as they are colourful.

This variety puzzle book is a perfect all-round book for the ultimate puzzle lover and contains arrowwords, crossword, kriss kross, wordsearch, sudoku and nonogram.