8 Best Indoor Planters UK 2021: how to pick the best planter for your house, and the most stylish options

An abundance of indoor greenery? Choose a pot or plant holder that packs a style punch

8 Best Indoor Planters UK 2021: how to pick the best planter for your house, and the most stylish options8 Best Indoor Planters UK 2021: how to pick the best planter for your house, and the most stylish options
8 Best Indoor Planters UK 2021: how to pick the best planter for your house, and the most stylish options

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How to choose a planter

Size matters. Obviously, it’s best to consider how rapidly your plant is likely to grow and give it a bit of space to expand healthily. Always choose a pot that is big enough to contain a smaller container inside, allowing drainage if it’s needed. It may be that m depending on the pot, you should drill small holes to allow water to escape.

When deciding where to put a hanging planter, consider how often you’re going to have to get access to it for watering and feeding. There’s no point in hoisting it for show if you can’t tend to it easily, after all.

Group puts together to make a statement, placing them at different height on a shelved plant holder or using different shapes and sizes of container.

If you want to move plants from their winter homes indoors, ensure the material is suitable to be left in the open air.

Some untreated woods can rot and ceramic pots can crack if there’s an unexpected frost. Powder-coated metals are a good choice if moving from the garden to living room, with resin a cheaper and more lightweight choice.

If you’re after more gardening ideas, take a look at our guide to gardening with kids or everything you need for an allotment.

Here are our favourite indoor planters for 2021

This pretty, stacking plant stand is built to withstand the worst of our weather, but we think it also looks at home in an indoor setting.

The beauty of this one is that it will fold flat if you need a bit of space or want to store it away at any point.

You can get a lot of plants on there really stack them up for impact – because of the ladder effect they’ll all get sufficient light.

We had bright red begonias in abundance on this choice and they looked fantastic against the blue and grey paintwork.

Key stats

Size: 90 x 60 x 70 cm

Materials: eucalyptus hardwood

Use: indoor and outdoor

There was a lovely chunky feel to this beautiful stoneware pot and the glossy finish looked great against the foliage of our chosen small plants.

Unusually, the hanging ‘chains’ on this model are leather, so it looked great hanging in a living room with a similar green colour scheme. An unusual choice if you want to leave your houseplants hanging.

Key stats

Size 14x60x12 cm

Use: indoor

Materials: Stoneware, leather

This cute holder has quite a generous space between the two pots, so was perfect for displaying small snake plants – the spiky leaves had plenty of room to grow and it all looked great in a narrow hanging space.

The two metal pots slot neatly into the holder, which comes with a chunky chain built to withstand outdoor use too.

Key stats

Size: 11.2 x 12.2 x 56 cm

Use: indoor and outdoor

Materials: metal

These gorgeous set of two planters looks a million dollars, or at least a lot more than their bargain price.

Add a touch of Hollywood glamour with ferns or potted palms, they’re big enough to contain overloaded foliage and really make a statement that wouldn’t look out of place in the plushest penthouse.

Key stats

Small 30.5 x 20.5 x 20.5 cm (12 x 8 x 8 in)

Large 35.5 x 26 x 26 cm (14 x 10 x 10 in)

Materials: brushed nickel

Use: indoor only

This planter is easy to lift up and move around, thanks to the upper handle design.

Also comes with a removable plastic inner tray so you can line your pots up before placing inside the powder coated metal casing. This helps keep spills contained too.

Although the metal is rust proof, we’d prefer to use this gorgeous planter indoors as the ashwood trim may weather a bit too much if left to the elements

Key stats

Size: 26 x 91 x 71cm

Materials: metal, ashwood

Use: indoor

There’s something really quirky about an animal planter and we love the course concrete look of this resin pot, which transforms potentially twee into chic.

There’s also a giraffe and a rabbit in the range, but it’s this elephant that caught our eye. Although billed as an outdoor planter, we used it indoors and got loads of compliments once it had been laden up with potted aloe vera cuttings.

Key stats

Size: 35x25x16cm

Materials: Resin

Use: indoor and outdoor

Any interior or garden designer will tell you that there’s power in repetition and quantity, when choosing the right pieces for your home, indoors and out.

Trust IKEA to bring stylish options in so cheap and cheerful that you can load up on pots and wow with a cluster or row of these tasteful ceramic pots, varying sizes for maximum effect. (There’s a smaller, 9cm version with scalloped rim available too.)

We planted seven different herbs in individual pots and turned a boring kitchen windowsill into a showstopper.

Key stats

Size: 12cm diameter

Materials: ceramic

Use: indoor and outdoor

This gorgeous minimalist holder is a real statement piece. Choose trailing plants and the contrast between green leaves and the black galvanised steel outer casing is really striking.

We placed a couple of these planters against bifold doors that opened out to the garden, and they really helped to link the two spaces together, introducing colour and a bit of interest to the expanse of glass after sundown.