Best baby and toddler sleeping bags UK 2023: tog guides and advice on safe, most comfortable child sleep bags

From adjustable zips, to easy-access poppers, lightweight material and cosy sleep feet: everything you need to know to find the perfect sleep bag for your baby or toddler

Best baby sleep bags:  keep your baby or toddler safe and comfortableBest baby sleep bags:  keep your baby or toddler safe and comfortable
Best baby sleep bags: keep your baby or toddler safe and comfortable

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The topic of baby sleep can be a minefield for new and experienced parents alike, with everything from safety to routine causing worry and stress.

One of the biggest questions is what to put your baby to sleep in: we’re used to duvets and pillows as adults, but what on earth should a baby sleep in?

A sleeping bag is a fantastic idea for your baby, as they’ll keep him or her safe, comfortable and snug. A sleeping bag is, effectively, a wearable blanket that ensures your baby stays at a consistent temperature.

It should have lots of room for your baby to kick and move about. Unlike loose bedding, which is a safety hazard and can increase the risk of SIDS, a sleeping bag will be tailored for your baby’s size and weight, and will mean they can sleep soundly and warmly without the risk of overheating or getting tangled in loose sheets or blankets.

Getting your baby used to a sleeping bag early on is a great idea, as it creates a familiar sleeping environment for them, and they’ll soon start to associate their sleeping bag with bedtime. Your baby will find a sleeping bag just as cosy as a duvet, without any of the risks of loose blankets, pillows or sheets.

What size of sleeping bag is right for your child?

So what sleeping bag should you buy? You’ll likely need a few different ones as your child grows. The first thing you should think about is the size of your sleeping bag, which are usually helpfully grouped by size: normally either 0-6 months, 6-18 months or 18-36 months, but as you’ll see in our roundup, there are some brands that go beyond this age range too.

You should take care to make sure your baby meets the bag’s minimum weight, and that any extra poppers or zips are fastened carefully to suit the size of your baby, to make sure your baby’s head can’t accidentally slip down into the neck opening when done up.

What is a ‘tog’? Guide to the correct tog for your baby

Tog is another consideration. There are many options out there, varying from 0.5 tog to 3.5 tog, depending on the temperature in the baby’s room. A good year-round option is a 2.5 tog for temperatures between 16-20 degrees, while when it gets hot in the summer, you’ll want to put your baby in something lighter, such as a 1.0 tog.

Buying a room thermometer is a good idea, and there are lots of useful online picture guides to advise you about which clothes to put your baby in under the sleeping bag depending on the temperature.

What material should you chose for your baby sleep bag?

What else should you take into account? How the sleeping bag feels, of course: 100% cotton as a minimum standard will be soft and silky on your baby’s skin, while organic cotton, jersey or muslin may feel extra dreamy and cosy.

How a sleeping bag looks, of course, is of importance, too, as you’ll be using it nightly: you might like to match your sleeping bag to your baby’s nursery bedding, or to go for something neutral or brightly-coloured depending on your preference.

What additional features are worth looking out for?

There are also sleeping bags that offer more than just a lovely material or thick tog padding. You might like to invest a bit more for some premium features, such as cleverly-placed zips to make nighttime nappy changes easier, a travel pushchair belt opening to help you put your baby to sleep in their bag while on the move, or feet to give your baby added flexibility as they grow.

How we selected the best sleeping bags for your baby or toddler

We looked for the very best sleeping bags you can buy right now. We considered price, design, comfort and ease of use, and got our mini testers to put the sleeping bags to the test during naps and nighttime sleeps. We’ve included sleeping bags with a range of prices so whatever your priorities and budget, you’ll find a sleeping bag for your baby in our roundup.

Best baby sleeping bags at a glance

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Key specs: Material: 100% organic cotton muslin Sizes available: 0-6m, 6-18m, 18-36m

As a parent, you’ll only want the softest materials for your baby’s sensitive skin, which is why the Animal Kingdom Print 1.0 TOG Sleeping Bag from luxurious baby brand Aden + Anais is such a great buy.

Made from the brand’s new GOTS certified 100% organic cotton muslin range, this sleeping bag is super soft and delicate, while the lightweight tog is perfect for sweaty summer nights.

We loved how breathable the fabric is, perfect to prevent overheating, while our wriggly baby looked comfy and happy in the extra-long bag.

The bag gets extra points too for its inverted bottom zipper, which not only makes it harder for older babies to unzip themselves but also makes night time nappy changes a whole lot easier.

Plus, the sweet elephant print is adorable.

Key specs: Material: Organic cotton 30% and bamboo 70% Sizes available: From birth to two years

If you’re fed up of buying your baby a new sleeping every time they seem to grow an inch, or every time the weather changes, the Clever Sleeping Bag from organic baby brand Baby Mori is for you.

Made with the brand’s signature thermoregulating organic cotton and bamboo fabric, the sleeping bag feels impossibly soft and cosy, while its breathable 1.5 tog composition means it can be used for year-round sleeping.

The bag’s clever use of poppers means the arm opening and length can be adapted and adjusted to suit your growing baby, and we absolutely loved the travel pushchair belt opening: genius for when you want to put your baby to sleep safely in their pram and they’re used to being in a sleeping bag.

The sleeping bag, which is also available in 0.5 tog and 2.5 tog, can also be personalised to make a gorgeous gift.

Key specs: Material: 100% cotton Sizes available: 0-6m, 6-18m, 18-36m

It can be nerve-wracking putting your baby to sleep, so if you’re an anxious parent who wants peace of mind while your baby’s slumbering, you can’t do better than buying a sleeping bag from American safe sleep brand HALO.

The brand has partnered with the Lullaby Trust to offer parents safe sleep advice, with sleeping bags being a recommended alternative to sleeping with loose blankets or sheets.

The SleepSack sleeping bag is the top choice of over 1,700 US hospitals, so you know your little one will be safe in it, while an embroidered “Back is Best” message reminds parents not to put their babies to sleep on their front.

We loved the soft cotton fabric, inverted zip for easy nappy changes and generous length, while our toddler loved pointing out the design’s different animals.

From £20.99 depending on size

Key specs: Material: 100% organic cotton Sizes available: 70cm, 80cm, 90cm, 100cm, 110cm, 120cm, 130cm

Try as you might, some toddlers just might not get on with a traditional sleeping bag: but they’ll love the comfort and flexibility of a sleeping bag with feet from German brand Slumbersac.

With a huge range of sizes, from 70cm to 130cm, these sleeping bags can suit your child anywhere from 12 months old to 10 years old, meaning they can enjoy that sleeping bag feeling for much longer than usual.

These sleeping bags will help your child transition from a traditional sleeping bag and give them the freedom of moving about using their feet.

There’s even a foldable foot cover with a non-slip sole to keep feet warm and toasty, while allowing them to play and walk without the risk of hurting themselves.

We love the variety and flexibility this brand offers, with its huge range of sizes, tog options from 0.5 tog to 3.5 tog, material options including 100% jersey or organic cotton, and cute prints too, with everything from safari and woodland to jurassic and farmyard.

Key specs: Material: 100% cotton jersey fabric Sizes available: 0-6 months, 6-18 months

If you can’t imagine how your baby could be cosy in a sleeping bag compared to a duvet, just have a feel of this Safe Nights Baby Sleep Bag from UK sleep brand Silentnight.

The comfy 2.5 tog is padded and warm to keep your little one warm on cold winter’s nights, while the hypoallergenic 100% cotton jersey fabric is soft, safe and won’t irritate your little one.

We also liked the sweet yellow and white print, which is a great gender neutral option if you’re buying a sleeping bag with the aim of using them for multiple children.

Key specs: Material: 100% organic cotton muslin Sizes available: 0-6 months, 6-18 months

For a sleeping bag that’s super soft, silky to the touch and generously padded for winter warmth, but that won’t break the bank, go for the Organic Cotton Sleep Bag 2.5 Tog from affordable baby brand Bloomsbury Mill.

We loved the sleep bag’s eye-catching star print, available in grey, pink and blue, and the high quality feel of the breathable 100% organic cotton muslin.

We also love that the sleeping bag has been washed for softness - anything that saves time for a busy parent is a winner.

A fantastic option that’s a winner for those who want a high quality, good value for money sleeping bag.

Key specs: Material: 100% cotton jersey Sizes available: 0-6 months, 6-18 months

When it turns to summer, it can be tricky to know what to dress your baby in for bed. That’s when the Baby Sleeping Bag from Australian nursery brand Boori comes in super handy.

Made with super soft cotton in three adorable prints and two size options, the sleeping bag feels cosy and comfortable without being overwhelming or too warm in the sticky summer months.

In the winter, this can still be used, but with more layers underneath. If you love the look of the original illustrated designs, you can also buy coordinating bedding, which would look super cute in a nursery.

We also loved the generous size of the 6 to 18 month sleeping bag, which should allow for plenty of room even as your child grows beyond 18 months.

Key specs: Material: 100% cotton jersey Sizes available: 0-6 months, 6-18 months

We’ve long been fans of the affordable but high quality products by British baby brand Ickle Bubba, and the Rustic Safari Sleep Bag is no exception.

All the sleeping bags from Ickle Bubba are made from super soft 100% cotton jersey, and are available in 0-6 months and 6-18 months.

We loved their generous, roomy size, warm 2.5 tog feeling and easy to use zips and poppers, and we also loved that for each sleeping bag, there’s the option to buy from the matching nursery collection.

Whether you choose the eye-catching Rustic Safari bag, the cute Rainbow Dreams design or the monochrome Mono Mountains look, you’ll be able to match your baby’s sleep bag to the rest of their nursery, with everything from cot bedding and changing mats to quilts and wall art available to buy to match perfectly.

Key specs: Material: 100% jersey cotton Sizes available: 0 - 6 months, 6 - 18 months

You’ll definitely need to buy multiple sleeping bags for your little one, so we love the fact that the Dreampod Sleeping Bag from British nursery brand Mamas and Papas comes with a handy pack of two in complementary designs.

We were impressed by the thick, cosy and soft feel of the 2.5 tog padding and 100% jersey cotton, while the spacious, generous size will doubtless last beyond 18 months. We also really liked the super sweet, gender neutral hot air balloon design, which is adorable without being garish.

The fact it comes in a pack of two saves time, effort and money, and means you’ll always have a spare when the other one is in the wash.

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