Best foundations for rosacea UK 2022: what is the skin condition, make-up to help cover it and care for skin

The best foundations for rosaceaThe best foundations for rosacea
The best foundations for rosacea

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Cover reddening and any blemishes caused by the skin condition rosacea and achieve a flawless complexion with these foundations

What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a long-term skin condition that mainly affects the face, according to the NHS.

The most common symptom of the condition is redness across your nose, cheeks, forehead and chin that comes and goes.

It’s also common for sufferers to a get a burning or stinging feeling when using water or some skincare products.

Some people also find they have blemishes or bumps on their skin.

There is no cure for it, but a doctor can precribe some effective treatments. You should speak to your GP if you believe you have rosacea.

What type of foundation is best for those with rosacea?

People with rosacea need a foundation that won’t irritate their sensitive skin, but will also cover well.

The right foundation will not only help camouflage redness or other related complications like bumps and uneven texture, but will also soothe the skin.

Many brands offer foundations which have been created specifically to reduce the redness of the skin, while some are buildable so you can get the right level of coverage for you according to how prominent the reddening of your skin is.

What’s the best way to apply foundation?

There really is no right and wrong way to apply foundation.

You can either apply your foundation using a make-up sponge, make-up brush or your fingers, and how you choose to do it is up to you.

Some prefer to use their fingers because this way the foundation gets warm and this can help to get a smoother and easier application, while others prefer a brush or a sponge because it gives them more control and a lighter touch.

How you apply for foundation does make a difference to the coverage achieved, so we suggest experimenting with a brush, sponge and your fingers to find out which one you prefer.

Whichever tool you choose to apply, you should dot small amounts of foundation on your t-zone, cheeks and chin before using your tool to smooth it out and blend in to your skin. This gives the most even and lightweight coverage which you can slowly build if required.

What other make-up can I buy?

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This foundation has been formulated specically to provide a high level of coverage and is suitable for minor to moderate skin concerns including rosacea, as well as acne and blemishes, dark circles, vitiligo, and even tattoos and scars.

Light fluid format blends easily into the skin and makes it easy for you to build up coverage, depending on how severe your rosacea is.

It also provides at least SPF 25 level of sunlight protection, as well as all day hydration so your skin feeling refreshed.

This is a lightweight, sweat-and humidity-resistant foundation that provides medium buildable coverage with a natural matte finish, allowing for true-to-skin shading from very light to very deep.

It provises immediate and long-term moisturization with 12-hour wear, and has been developed to help cover skin problems.

Available in 42 all-inclusive, colour-true shades.

See your skin in its best light with this foundation, which blurs imperfections, smooths the look of the skin, and helps conceal redness as well as blemishes and dark spots.

Powered by advanced skincare ingredients, this is make-up that will act like skincare and feel as light as air on the skin.

It provides medium, buildable coverage with a natural finish. Available in multiple shades.

The latest foundation from the Charlotte Tilbury make-up range is the best choice for superior everyday wear.

It comes in 30 different neutral, warm and cool shades - so you will find one that suits you perfectly.

It will leave you with a healthy looking glow day after day, and provides buildable coverage so you can wear as much or as little as needed - but it will always remain light on the skin.

It evens out skin tone, reduces the appearance of redness, dark circles, shine and pores.

It also provides 16 hours of wear so it will easily last all throughout the day and night.

Even your skintone and cover those red areas, as well as any other skin concerns, with undetectable coverage with this foundation.

This is a lightweight foundation, so it’s the one for you if you want to feel like you’re not wearing any make-up at all.

With Vitamin E and SPF 20, it helps protect against UV rays and pollution too.

It’s made of oil-free formula, with Hyaluronic Acid and the brand’s unique red fruit Infusion of watermelon, apple and litchi seed extracts which also provides immediate and all-day hydration.

Available in many colours.

With its medium coverage, thid liquid foundation leaves a natural finish on the skin.

The oilfree mattifying foundation is available is dermatologist and allergy tested so you can be sure it won’t aggravate your rosacea.

It also has flexible micro-powders to control shine and blur pores throughout the day, and offers medium coverage.

Available in 40 different shades.

This innovative liquid foundation alleviates any dullness in the skin and provides intense depth and luminosity, reviving and colour-correcting skin.

It provides full coverage and has smoothing and firming properties, so it’s ideal for older skin and will leave skin looking radiant and youthful.

It also contains SPF 20/PA+++ for UV protection.

Available in multiple shades.

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