Best indoor pizza ovens UK 2022: 5 top performers for your kitchen - from Ninja to Sage

You don’t have to head in to your garden to get authentic Italian pizza, there are now a range of indoor pizza ovens you can buy

Best indoor pizza ovens UKBest indoor pizza ovens UK
Best indoor pizza ovens UK

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Pizza is a classic Italian dish and it’s loved here in Britain. Whether it’s part of our weekly menu or something we have as a treat, it’s a quick and easy meal that’s so versatile and tasty and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

We’re all familiar with the classic outdoor pizza ovens which are powered by gas, wood pellets or kindling, but sometimes it’s just not possible or convenient to go and cook alfresco, usually thanks to our typical damp British weather.

When the rain is coming down or it’s just too cold to step outside, you can still make the most delicious pizza using a pizza oven which is powered using electricity and has been created especially for indoor use.

We’ve rounded up five of the best below. They can all be ordered online in just a few clicks and in just a few days you could be enjoying the best pizza you’ve ever tasted.

They are all easy to use and no matter which one you choose it’s just a simple case of plugging it in, waiting a short time for it to heat up, put in your pizza and let the machine work its magic for a few minutes, then devour your delicious pizza.

These ovens are suitable for all kinds of pizza too, so you can either make your own from scratch or, if you’re short on time, let a shop do all the hard work and choose a fresh ready made pizza or even a frozen pizza.

Then you only have to decide whether you want deep pan or thin and crispy and what toppings you want.

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Make a delicious 12” pizza easily thanks to this oven, which has powerful elements and simple controls.

Thanks to its insulated design, it delivers fast results, whilst also being energy efficient too.

The simple front-mounted dial temperature and timer makes it incredibly easy to use, while the easy-clean stainless steel finish and compact design ensures it looks sleek and can fit in the smallest of spaces, such as caravans or minimalistic kitchens.

This countertop oven cooks so much more than pizza, but we included it because it does help you create tasty pizza and the fact that it does so much more just means it’s even better value for money.

As the name suggests, it has 8 cooking functions including air fry, roast, bake, grill, dehydrate, toast and bagel.

One of the best things about this oven is that it only takes 60 seconds to heat up so you can be baking your beautiful homemade pizza in no time.

The removable crumb tray and easy to access back panel makes it easy to clean up when you’re done.

You don’t need to worry about counter space either as the oven can be turned on its side to take up much less space.

With this indoor oven, there’s no need to build a huge brick pizza oven in your garden to get amazing pizza.

This is a brilliant electric countertop oven replicates the traditonal brick-oven heat used for cooking ‘wood-fired’ style pizza, and can be used in your own kitchen.

It reaches a scorchingly high temperature of 400°c and features intelligent heat distribution, so it perfectly cooks every type of pizza from frozen shop-bought to home-made.

You do have choice over what style of pizza you make too as there are 7 pre-set options, including ‘wood fired’, New York, pan, thin and crispy, and frozen, as well as two manual heat settings, 160°C and 400°C.

This pizza oven contains a refractory stone hot-plate which can heat up to 390°c, an optimal temperature for cooking restaurant quality pizza at home.

It has a thermostat with 3 cooking settings and indicator light so you’ll know when your pizza is cooked to perfect and ready to be eaten.

Cook delicious pizza at home whenever you want, for a fraction of the cost and in a quarter of the time as take away.

We love the look of this one too, it reminds us of something you’d see in an American diner and is sure to look super stylish on your countertop - just be prepared for everyone who visits to want pizza.

This mini oven and air fryer combi will help you cook far more than just pizza, but there is a specific setting especially for pizza because Sage know how much us Brits love this classic Italian dish.

Pizza is one of the 10 pre-set functions that are there to lend a hand while you are cooking, automatically setting the exact time and temperature required for your dish.

The functions available are bake, roast, grill, air fry, crumpets, reheat, warm, slow cook and toast.

The LCD display makes viewing your settings simple. At a glance you’ll be able to check on the temperature, cooking time and your chosen programme.

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