Tesco is selling its own version of Aldi’s hanging egg chair - and there’s only £1 difference in price

The Tesco Rattan Egg is a very similar design to the sold-out Aldi chair - and only £1 moreThe Tesco Rattan Egg is a very similar design to the sold-out Aldi chair - and only £1 more
The Tesco Rattan Egg is a very similar design to the sold-out Aldi chair - and only £1 more | Tesco

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The Aldi Hanging Egg chair was a cult hit, selling out everywhere - but now Tesco have their own, near-identical version

Many shoppers were disappointed after they discovered that the fan favourite Aldi Hanging Egg Chair was sold out, with over 80,00 shoppers stuck in virtual queues on the Aldi website.

However, it’s not time to despair quite yet - Tesco has now launched its own egg chair which is almost identical to the Aldi version, and only costs £1 more.

Tesco said: “Any of the 20,000 shoppers that got jammed in the virtual Aldi Special Buys queuing system this weekend and missed out are today in luck as Tesco launches almost identical garden furniture, and for up to £200 less!”

Included in the garden furniture line up is the Tesco Rattan Egg chair, which is described as “an almost identical version” of the sold out Aldi Hanging Egg Chair for just £1 more.

For £150, the Tesco Rattan Egg Chair “offers comfort and style, perfect for launching around under the sun and adding a bit of luxe to garden picnics”.

The chair is available to buy across 100 Tesco stores across the UK.

Also included in the garden range from Tesco are a number of other Aldi-lookalikes, including:

  • The Havana Corner Sofa with table for £200, which is £69.95 cheaper than the Aldi Anthracite Rattan Sofa with cover, at £269.95
  • Alicante String Chair (£35 each) and Great Value Bistro Table (£20), £59 cheaper than the Aldi Gardenline three piece rope bistro set (£149)
  • The Havana six piece furniture set (£95), £204.99 cheaper than the Aldi Rattan effect high table and chairs for £299.99
  • The Barrel BBQ (£40), £24.99 cheaper than the Aldi Garden-line Smoker BBQ for £64.99

While the Tesco dupes are very similar to the Aldi originals, there are a number of differences between the two. In the Aldi Rattan sofa set, Aldi’s footstool is larger and has a cushion, rather than a glass top. It also has two additional cushions.

The bundle set costs £269.95, but without the covers Aldi also sells the sofa for £249.99.

In regards to the Barrel BBQ, the Aldi version has a separate section for smoking on the side, whereas the Tesco one has only the grill.

In our Recommended round-up of Garden Swing Seats, we also feature two great Egg Chairs available online:

Hanging garden armchair in black resin wicker with white cushions

Our expert said “Egg-shaped chairs are all the rage this year, and this unusual wicker hanging armchair will offer a fresh, yet louche, means of enjoying your porch or backyard.

With a  2 metre chain and 2 harnesses, this hanging armchair can be attached to a sturdy tree or awning so that you can lounge safely. Made of polyethylene, it’s resistant to UV rays, but the design - hand-woven mesh -looks elegant and delicate.

Pretty and practical.”

Florence Hanging Chair

Our expert said, “Aldi is currently out of stock on it’s popular hanging egg chair - with a reported 20,000 people in the online queue in March attempting to buy one. Such numbers are a bit of a mystery, where there are more stylish - and sturdy - egg chairs available now, such as this lovely rattan version from Homebase.

Rattan is perfectly on trend, and this egg chair comes with a powder-coated steel frame and a hand woven synthetic rattan finish. The plush cushion makes it perfect for languorous afternoons enjoying the sun outdoors.”

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