Valentine’s Day 2023: Tesco UK Finest dinner for two dine in meal deal menu and cost, plus Valentine’s gifts

Spoil yourself and a loved one with a two course meal and a drink for just £12

Tesco are offering a Finest dinner for two meal deal and a range of gifts for Valentine’s Day 2023.
Tesco are offering a Finest dinner for two meal deal and a range of gifts for Valentine’s Day 2023.
Tesco are offering a Finest dinner for two meal deal and a range of gifts for Valentine’s Day 2023.

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Regardless of how you feel about Valentine’s Day - whether you adore all things romantic, or think it’s all a load of old tosh - it offers a delightful excuse to enjoy a great meal with someone you care about, be it a romantic partner, family, a housemate or just your bestie.

But we don’t all have the time to spend in our kitchen cooking up a two course meal from scratch - especially this year, when 14 February falls on a Tuesday,  when many of us will spend most of the day at work or higher education. No one would judge you for turning to a Tesco Finest ready meal.

The supermarket has launched its annual ‘Valentine’s Day Finest dinner for two meal deal’. With a total of 10 mains, 6 sides, 6 desserts and 10 drinks to choose from, including heart shaped dishes, there are multiple meal combinations you can create. It’s one of the most budget friendly options available this year too - providing you have signed up to the Tesco Clubcard scheme - costing just £6 per head.

Alongside the fantastic food offering, Tesco are also selling a line of love themed gifts, including mugs, games, kitchenware and sentimental pieces, making it even easier to get Valentine’s Day 2023 all wrapped up. For even more present ideas, check out our guides to the best Valentine’s Day food and drink gifts, the best perfumes for her and also the best flowers for home delivery.

Below, we’ve included the full Finest Dinner for Two food and drink menu and some of our favourite products from the Valentine gift range, plus details of how to buy both.

What is included in the Tesco Finest Dinner for Two?

You can get a main, side, dessert which is big enough for two people to share as part of the Tesco Finest Valentine’s Dinner for two meal deal, plus an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink to share too, at for £12 for Tesco Clubcard members.

It’s worth noting, though, if you don’t have a Clubcard you’ll have to pay for your chosen meal deal items separately and won’t get any discount. Signing up for a Clubcard is free however and can be done online or instore.

What’s on the menu in the Tesco Finest Dinner for Two?

Here’s the full menu for the 2023 Tesco Valentine’s Day Dinner for Two:


  • Tesco Finest Ranch Steaks Plus Garlic & Herb & Pepper Butter - £6
  • Tesco Finest Tomato Mascarpone And Basil Risotto (V) - £6
  • Tesco Finest Vegetable Moussaka (V) - £6
  • Tesco Finest Chicken in Cabernet Sauvignon - £6
  • Tesco Finest Chicken Legs Mushroom White Wine & Tarragon - £6
  • Tesco Finest Salmon Gratin - £6
  • Tesco Finest British Beef Burger Kit - £6
  • Tesco Finest Beef Bourguignon Pies - £6
  • Tesco Finest Beef Lasagne - £6
  • Finest Duck Breast Portions with a Raspberry Hoisin Sauce - £6


  • Tesco Finest Green Vegetable Selection (V) - £2.60
  • Tesco Finest Creamed Spinach (V) - £2.60
  • Tesco Finest Chunky Chips (V) - £2.60
  • Tesco Finest Meal Deal Potato Dauphinoise  (V) - £2.60
  • Tesco Finest Truffle Mac & Cheese (V) - £2.60
  • Tesco Finest Heart Shaped Potato Croquettes (V)


  • Tesco Finest White Chocolate and Raspberry Pots (V) - £3
  • Tesco Finest 2 Millionaire’s Tarts (V) - £3
  • Tesco Finest 2 Caramel Melt in Middle Puddings (V) - £3
  • Tesco Finest Chocolate Brownie Heart (VE) - £3
  • Tesco Finest 6 Raspberry Royale Profiteroles (V) - £3
  • Tesco Finest 2 Lemon Meringue Cheesecake Slices (V) - £3


  • Tesco Finest South African Malbec - £7.50
  • Tesco Finest South African Sauvignon Blanc - £7.50
  • Tesco Finest South African Cinsault Rose - £7.50
  • Nozeco Rose (VE) - £3.25
  • Tesco Finest Prosecco Valdobbiadene Docg (V) - £10
  • Coca-Cola Zero Pack (6 x 250ml bottles) (VE) - £2.99
  • Diet Coke Pack (6 x 250ml bottles) (VE) - £2.99
  • Peroni Nastro Azzurro Lager Beer Pack  (4 x 250ml bottles) (VE) - £5.50
  • Bottle Green Pack (2 x 750ml bottles) (VE) - £4.95
  • Tesco Finest Pink Lady 2 Pack Apple Juice & Lemonade (750ml bottles) (VE) - £5.25

Can I buy the Tesco Finest Dinner for Two now?

The Tesco Finest Valentine’s Dinner for two meal deal is available to buy in store and online from Thursday 9 February. We have, however, noticed that you can buy some of items online right now for delivery to your home, and you may even find some of them in your local store now too. This is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy an early Valentine’s celebration, but watch out for the use-by dates.

Most items which are available to buy online now indicate that they will have a shelf life of three to five days after delivery, so if you want to save your special meal until 14 February you’re best to wait a few days before putting in your order.

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