Euro 2024 to implement new 'snickometer' technology and rule change

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Euro 2024 will see new technology implemented, as well as a minor rule change.

Euro 2024 will see modern technology be implemented over the course of its duration - best known for its use in professional cricket, a ‘snickometer’ will be used to help referees and officials make correct decisions.

The ‘snickometer’ - or ‘snicko’ for short - is used to detect catches and determine leg-before-wicket decisions in cricket. In the Euros, however, it will have a somewhat different use.

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The ‘snickometer’ will aim to make handball and offside decisions much clearer than before. It uses frame-by-frame videos, alongside an oscilloscope to determine the moment contact is made. This should make it much easier to make offside calls, as it will become a lot clearer as to when a pass is played. Additionally, handball ruling should also become straightforward, as it will make the point of contact evident.

VAR has come under heavy criticism from fans in the Premier League this season. While some may groan at the idea of yet more technology being used when making refereeing decisions, this is a new system - as such, it should be given a chance to work before any vitriol is aimed its way.

Recently, Premier League clubs were called upon to vote on a decision to scrap VAR entirely. To the chagrin of several audiences, they voted 19 to 1 in favour of keeping VAR - the only club to vote against its implementation in England’s top flight was Wolves.

While the ‘snickometer’ is a new thing in football, it has been a part of cricket competitions since 1999, having first being invented by Allan Plaskett in the mid-1990s

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When asked about the rule change, UEFA's chief refereeing officer, Roberto Rosetti, said [via The Guardian]: “We are doing this for football. For the image of the game, for the next generation of young players and referees, for the image of football.”

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