How much is David Beckham getting from Qatar? Beckham Qatar money explained amid World Cup controversies

David Beckham has received heavy criticism for his role as a Qatar World Cup ambassador but will earn a hefty sum for his efforts.

The Qatar World Cup is nearing its end with either France or Morocco playing Argentina in Sunday’s grand finale, however support for the tournament has been fractious and divisive.

The former Manchester United and England legend David Beckham has come under harsh criticism for his ongoing role as an ambassador for the World Cup in Qatar. Beckham has been one of the most high-profile stars to support the tournament, appearing in several promotional videos, and he is set to receive a hefty sum of money for his work.

The Qatar World Cup has been heavily criticised due to the ongoing reports of human rights violations in the country, most pertintenly relating to the treatment of migrant workers. Additionally, many are also boycotting the tournament due to homosexuality being illegal in the country. Beckham has long been considered an icon in the gay community and his involvement in the upcoming tournament has been met with upset and disgust.

Qatar’s successful bid to host the World Cup has long been associated with allegations of corruption and it was shortly after the announcement Qatar would be the 2022 hosts that former FIFA president Sepp Blatter was forced to resign as allegations of fraud emerged.

So how much is Beckham set to receive and what have the reactions been?

How much will David Beckham earn from Qatar World Cup?

It was reported in 2021 that former England legend Beckham signed a deal worth £15m-a-year for a 10 year deal, therefore making a £150 million in total.

David Beckham during his time at PSG in 2013
David Beckham during his time at PSG in 2013
David Beckham during his time at PSG in 2013

He has spent a lot of time in the country, meeting with dignitaries and visiting the new stadiums as well as featuring in several promotional videos for the World Cup. Beckham’s relationship with the Qatari state stems back to his time at Paris Saint-Germain and the former United star is expected to promote tourism and celebrate the nations cultural heritage.

At the time, a source told The Sun: “David believes in Qatar’s commitment to progress and that the World Cup - the first to be held in the Arab world - can effect significant positive change. He strongly believes in the power of football to bridge differences but, crucially, has seen the progress on issues that matter.”

What has been said?

The comedian Joe Lycett, who recently donated £10,000 to a variety of charities supporting LGBTQ+ rights heavily criticsed the former England star and took to Twitter to say: “You’re the first Premiership footballer to do shoots with gay magazines like Attitude, to speak openly about your gay fans. Now, it’s 2022 and you signed a reported £10million deal with Qatar to be their ambassador during the FIFA World Cup.”

Additionally, the political journalist Andrew Pierce spoke on Good Morning Britain saying: “I don’t watch football, but I would not go to that country as a gay man because I would be very worried. As for David Beckham, he should be hanging his head in shame. He is a gay icon, hugely popular around the world, and he’s doing this for one reason: millions in the bank.”

What is David Beckham’s net worth?

The former footballer, known for his phenomenal free-kicks, has a reported net worth of $450million according to CelebrityNetWorth. Much of his wealth has come from football deals, including his move to LA Galaxy where he earned an estimated $255 million. His PSG salary was reportedly around $50million.