Should Erik ten Hag remain as Manchester United manager? Pundit opinions

Manchester United via Getty Imag
Here’s some pundits’ takes on whether Erik ten Hag should keep his job at Manchester United or not.

Erik ten Hag has been a divisive figure ever since he joined Manchester United. While he came in with plenty of hype, he has failed to live up to it as of yet - his only accomplishment was winning the League Cup last season.

Several audiences have called for him to be sacked - but others think he should be given more time. Let’s take a look at the opinions of a few pundits regarding the dilemma.

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Earlier in the month, Jamie Carragher said: “This is one of the most poorly coached teams in the Premier League. That’s a fact. That’s not an opinion - that’s a fact. The numbers tell you that when you see them.

“[They are] bottom of the league defensively. I’ve said this for a while with Erik ten Hag - it’s almost the opposite of what you’d say to most managers, ‘you need results’. He needs performances.”

Meanwhile, his co-host on Monday Night Football, Gary Neville, has said: “Two years ago [Ten Hag] was seen as a smart appointment by everybody. He was seen as one of the best and most innovative coaches in Europe.

Manchester United have made this coach, in the last 12 months in particular, look like he doesn’t know what he’s doing. That happened to Ole [Gunnar Solskjær], that happened to Jose [Mourinho], that happened to Louis Van Gaal - at some point, the cycle has got to stop.”

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On The Rest Is Football podcast, Alan Shearer said: “I think the future of [Ten Hag] is already determined. Even if they win the FA Cup, I think he’s gone. That may be wrong, but I just get the feeling that winning the FA Cup is not gonna be enough.”

Ex-United captain Roy Keane said: “Manchester United have been nowhere near it [this season]. But [Ten Hag] is trying to be positive - the experienced players haven’t done enough and there have been too many injuries.

“The injuries have been a huge setback. But you hope he’s given another chance in the summer. They have to go out and buy maybe 4 or 5 world class players.”