Where do the Beckhams live? Burglary of David and Victoria Beckham’s London mansion explained

The Beckhams were the victims of a robbery on Wednesday night, and here we have all you need to know.

David Beckham and his family were victims of a robbery on Wednesday evening.

The Beckhams are currently residing in the capital, and part of their multi-million pound home was ransacked on Wednesday night.

Thankfully, those who were at the property were unharmed, with police attending the scene in the early hours of Thursday.

Here we take a look at what we know so far, including information about where the Beckhams spend most of their time.

Where do the Beckhams live?

The Beckhams have a number of properties, which is unsurprising given their financial status.

They have a home in the Cotswolds and an apartment in Miami, but their main residence is in Holland Park, West London.

Their Kensington-based home is said to be worth around £10million.

What happened in the robbery?

According to Sky News, no one was harmed in the theft.

In fact, the Beckhams, who were at home with son Harper, were not aware that the theft took place, which is pretty eerie, in itself.

According to the report, the theft was only noticed when Cruz Beckham returned from an evening out with friends, noticing a ransacked spare room.

David and Cruz are said to have searched the house to ensure no thieves remained at the property while waiting for police to arrive.

They called the police shortly after midnight.

What have the police said?

The police have said no arrests have been made yet.

A source told The Sun: “Sadly the Beckhams were the victims of some fairly professional thieves who have been operating in the area.

“Fortunately the criminals only made it as far as one bedroom before they ran off.”

The Beckhams’ net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, David and Victoria have a combined net worth of $450 Million (£342.6million).