Racing driver Valentina Renso, 26, dies in horror crash on way to ‘get pizza’ in Padua, Italy

AFP via Getty Images
A social media influencer and racing car driver has died in a car collision.

Racing driver and social media influencer Valentina Renso has died after a massive car crash while on her way to ‘get pizza’ in Padua, Italy, on Saturday, May 11. The crash took place on May 11 - Renso was subsequently taken to a nearby hospital, after emergency responders cut her out of the wreckage of her BMW.

She died three days later - the cause of her death is believed to be blood loss, after she sustained a major injury to her leg. Two of her friends were travelling in the car with her at the time. One of them was also rushed to hospital, while the other was taken to A&E with ‘minor injuries’. Their status is not known at this time.

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It is unclear what caused the crash to happen at the time of writing. Reports suggest that the vehicle she was driving veered off a straight path and subsequently ploughed into a field at the side of the road.

A popular figure on several contemporary social media platforms, Renso had over 19,000 followers on Instagram - she was also an active user of Threads.

In the wake of her death, her boyfriend, Demis Quagliato, said: “We were supposed to meet up with some friends to have pizza outdoors, as we did regularly.

“We temporarily parted ways. She was going to pick up the pizzas in the car with our two friends, and I would join them later. We never spoke again.

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“Valentina wasn’t a reckless girl. She always had her head on her shoulders. She knew how to drive cars, and she never did it just for fun. She was generous, she couldn’t stop helping others, dedicating herself to them when they needed it. If she could, she would have given herself completely to the people she loved.”

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